4 Ways to Attract the Best Talent to your Business

4 Ways to Attract the Best Talent to your Business

Gone are the days when employees were viewed as disposable, replaceable cogs in the machine that is a business. Instead, top CEOs and managers are increasingly recognising the real value of talented employees and the benefits of recruiting right.

You may be thinking, easier said than done? Capable and experienced candidates aren’t exactly throwing themselves at you. Where are these people? Ron Bakir is a self-made Australian businessman who is the CEO of HomeCorp, a large property development company that operates across the country.

Top performers

Using his wisdom, below you will find five tips on how to attract the best individuals for your business.

Build Your Brand

Who are the right kind of candidates? The answer to this will vary from company to company, depending on their attitudes, beliefs and values. For example, someone who works at Virgin will most likely be forward-thinking and confident, whereas efficiency and a great work ethic would be more highly valued at one of the Big Four professional services firms.

What does your company value? Do you have a mantra or slogan that sums up your approach? When you have built a clear brand, you will be able to attract like-minded individuals.

Company Culture

Your company culture says a lot about you. Are you fun and supportive or strict and serious? Do people enjoy going to work each day? Does office gossip run rampant? When you cultivate a positive and healthy company culture, you will naturally attract the attention of others who want to share the experience.

Employee word of mouth is a very powerful tool. Be aware that the general feel of your company can easily be swept off course or off balance by one new employee, especially if they have a managerial position. This is one of the reasons why having suitable candidates is so important.


If no one has heard of your company, why would they want to work there? While we don’t all have the marketing budgets of Google or Disney, there are ways to spread the word about your business. Having an updated website and blog, using social media and attending networking events can all help raise your profile. Focus on promoting the career experience and charisma of your leadership team in particular; don’t we all wish for the perfect boss?

Career Progression Opportunities

So now you have a clear brand, a great working environment and some well-placed promotional activity. You are definitely on track to creating waves in the recruitment pool.

Add to your positive reputation by offering career progression opportunities. This doesn’t necessarily mean promoting people every month; learning opportunities will also be well received by your employees. Investing in and nurturing your staff indicates that you genuinely care about their professional development, which is an attractive quality in a future employer.

What do you think? Does Ron Bakir have some useful tips? Whether you are a brand new business owner, a recruitment whizz or a management veteran, if you have a story or some advice to share, please do so by commenting below.

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