The Benefits of Becoming Your Own Boss

Many people contemplate the idea of saying goodbye to their office job and pursuing the thing they really love doing by becoming their own boss. Yet for so many of us, this idea doesn’t ever come to fruition.

There might be many things holding you back from taking that leap, but if you’re seriously contemplating leaving your nine-to-five job and starting life as an entrepreneur, here are five reasons to start your own business.

Budding entrepreneur at a conference
photo credit: Dell’s Official Flickr Page

Get paid for your passion

One perk of starting your own business is to transform the thing you love into what you do for a living. Doing what you love for work is a satisfying way to make a living. In addition, the thing you love might be a niche gap in the market that you’ll be able to fill.

In a recent survey, 36% of SME owners said they started their business due spotting a niche in the market for their product or service.

Be proud

The difference between working for a company and working for your own business is having a sense a pride for creating something from the ground up. Everything you do and every decision you make contributes to the bigger picture, all of which is created by you. The survey revealed that 34% of SME owners started their business because it was their lifelong ambition to do so.

Take control

As the head of your own business you will be at the helm steering your business to success. One of the reasons many people take the entrepreneurial path is because they like to make their own choices rather than work according to someone else’s agenda.

Finally achieve a work/life balance

Having a work/life balance is something many people talk about, but between a long week in the office, your commute and your kids it can be nearly impossible to actually get that balance. Almost 57% of those polled in the survey cited having the flexibility of being their own boss as the reason they chose to start their own business.

Variety in work

By being your own boss, you can choose your own work from a variety of tasks. Gone are the days of having one job and one role, you can set yourself new challenges and develop new skills. In addition, running your own business is quite the learning curve – from accounting to managing, you’ll always be learning something new.