How Comindware Tracker can Make SharePoint Workflow Automation a Less Painful Experience

Online collaboration is made easy by the availability of work management software like Comindware Tracker. You can now easily collaborate with team members regardless of their geographical location – thanks to the web-based interface.

Comindware SharePoint 2010 integratoin

Comindware Tracker works well with your existing system, enhancing the effectiveness of your management system – whether it’s CRM, ERP, IT help desk or any other system, in supporting your business operations. This is done via Comindware Tracker API.

One good example is SharePoint.

You can integrate Comindware Tracker into your SharePoint 2010 seamlessly. Let’s just say that Comindware Tracker solves one major SharePoint issue. What issue is it?

Comindware SharePoint integration

The issue in SharePoint 2010 workflow implementation

One of the well-sought-after features of SharePoint is business process automation. You can, for example, take all of your HR department’s papers and process them in an automated SharePoint workflow. Simple and straightforward.

SharePoint 2010 workflow implementation is a different story, though. And it’s all started from the day you use SharePoint.

Microsoft SharePoint is a powerful web app framework and platform. The ability to holistically view and collaborate with your team members is unprecedented. Unfortunately, while the intranet, document/content management and other capabilities are great features to have, implementation is often challenging. You definitely need a pro to handle it and it’s often costly to hire one.

Not only the initial setup, eature implementation is also similarly challenging. This includes workflow automation.

How Comindware Tracker can solve the problem

SharePoint could use the help of third-party software. Fortunately, SharePoint can work with wide arrays of third-party software. In building and managing workflow, SharePoint can count on Comindware Tracker for one, major upside.

Comindware Tracker develops Workflow for Sharepoint, with the sole purpose of making SharePoint workflow automation implementation a less painful experience. In doing so, you need an interface from which non-tech people can build and automate workflow.

Comindware with SharePoint GUI

Using a graphical workflow builder, you can implement SharePoint workflow management automation without the need for you to write a single code via a visual interface. No expensive implementation costs and complicated maintenance.

One significant feature of Comindware Workflow for Sharepoint is the ability for you to modify the workflows in real time. You are not required to restructure the whole process to implement the modification.

You can build electronic forms on the fly and Comindware Tracker will create workflow tasks and distribute them to your team members automatically – via your SharePoint interface.


Business process management and workflow automation implementation should not be expensive and complex. There are solutions available to make the implementation process simple and less-costly.

Comindware is committed to the development of their visual tools to help businesses to collaborate and manage work more efficiently and effectively.

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