8 Things to Consider for Your Business in 2014

The one constant in the online environment is change. Over the last decade we have seen massive changes in the way that online promotion is done. Gone are the days of spammy Web promotion methods, such as doorway pages keyword stuffing and so forth. Digital marketing is now about quality; but what should you be considering in your business in 2014? In this article we will look at some of the major trends that you should be on top of.

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Branding Is More than Your Logo

To get a competitive edge you need to build a brand these days. Your brand is the story that you tell, and how you tell it. Your brand is far more than just your logo.

The brand is the way that your staff communicate to the public. Your brand is the fonts you use in your adverts. Your brand is the perception that customers have of your products and services. The brand is the paper you choose at your printing company.

Start thinking of your brand in a more holistic way and you will be more able to align your company with the wants and desires of your target market.

The Mobile Environment Is Here To Stay

Increasingly companies are focusing on marketing to the mobile environment. Conversion rates on mobile phones and tablets are incredibly high. We all have computers in our pockets these days and the mobile revolution, started with the first iPhone in 2007, has changed the world. If your website isn’t already responsive then make sure it is. If you are not yet targeting your local ads to the mobile environment then you should begin doing so.

Images Are Important

Consumers are bombarded with messages, both online and off-line. As such, you need to learn to differentiate yourself and capture attention fast. One way to do this is by using images to convey messages in easily digestible, visually appealing ways. Infographics are already huge. They will become even more so as 2014 progresses; so they are definitely something to consider. Incorporating meaningful images with your text in your blog posts, product descriptions and other text media is the way forward.

Less Is More

Just as suggested in a Forbes 2013 trends piece, simplicity is becoming the way to go in marketing. With the barrage of digitised advertising that they are exposed to on a daily basis, consumers are craving less hype and more clarity in the messages they receive.

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Content Marketing Will Continue

We’ve already seen in 2014 that content marketing is becoming an ever more crucial part of online strategy. Successful businesses will use quality focused content strategies to deliver messages to their customers through social media and through their websites.

If you aren’t currently marketing to your customers through videos, intelligent and readable posts, and a unified social media voice, consider doing so from now on. Develop a roadmap towards success that includes producing, proofing and promoting content.

Social Signals and SEO Will Meld Even Further

Search engine optimisation has changed. Social signals are becoming an important algorithmic component in the search engines. Consider aligning your social media activities with your on-site website content through a unified strategy.

Google AdWords

Over the years there has been a perception shift towards the feeling that organic search engine optimisation is the best way forward. Whilst it is true that organic SEO can provide incredible returns on investment, consider using Google AdWords, and other PPC routes to advertise your business. One that is becoming increasingly attractive is Facebook.

Develop a model so that you know what conversion rates you need to drive in order to achieve profits. Take a scientific approach to PPC and your business could grow very fast. If your business works then promoting through PPC should probably work too.

Press Releases

If you have a compelling proposition then press releases will certainly work well for you. Getting space in newspapers, magazines and authority websites will do wonders for your brand promotion efforts. Think about the newsworthy events and information that you could share about your business. Plan your press releases in advance so you have plenty of information, infographics, photos and interviews to share with the press.

Consider putting together a press pack. Get a quality printing company to produce it on top quality paper/card. Click here for Print Print information; a company that focuses on quality.

There are lots of options to consider in 2014. Setting in in process a relevant promotional strategy, with multiple coordinated threads, will help you to stand out from your competitors.