Make The Most of Your Trade Show or Exhibition

We all know it can be pretty wearing spending a day behind a stall at an exhibition or trade show, trying to engage with blank faces or finding the optimum time to sneakily eat your lunch. Here are some simple tricks of the trade to make your exhibition day just that little bit better.

Dress appropriately

First and foremost, dress appropriately. Keep it smart, but you never know exactly where your display is going to be, or what the heating conditions are going to be like. The answer to this, is layering. Go for a smart but light shirt, with a nice jumper, blazer, and even a classy coat stashed behind a banner stand, just in case.

Well-dressed business man
photo credit: _Davo_

Buddy up

Buddy up with your neighbouring stalls, as these will potentially be your allies against the masses who pointedly bypass your display, and they might even grab you a coffee if you watch their stall for a little bit. Offer to pick them up a sandwich at lunch, so you can stretch your legs with the knowledge that your stand isn’t totally abandoned.

Stand construction

Label your exhibition stands and learn how to put them up prior to the event. There’s nothing more embarrassing than scrabbling around trying to hook the top of the banner into the prop stand with everybody watching, or else rocking up to an exhibition with the wrong banner. Coloured ribbons on the cases that match stickers on the base of the banner stands almost completely avoid this disaster.

Busy expo venue

Be personable

Last of all – smile. It tricks your body into feeling a bit happier, and it will induce customers to be a little friendlier. Honestly, you can make the day go by a little more quickly with a beaming smile, rather than sullenly checking your phone every five minutes. Make eye contact, show interest, and even sport a ‘good morning!’

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