What the Independence Day Means for U.S. Small Businesses (Sponsored)

As we approach the Independence Day celebration on the 4th of July, U.S. small businesses are doing the best they can to get ready.

The long weekend ahead will give small businesses a chance to seize opportunities to boost sales and gain new customers.

To take part (and take advantage) of the celebration, small business owners will redecorate their stores with signs and crafts.

4th of July Sandwich Shop
photo credit: Bill Rogers / Flickr

But have you ever wondered what the 4th of July means for small business owners? I might have guessed it right: It’s all about freedom.

What freedom? Freedom to pursue their dreams; freedom to take on available opportunities and turn them into something meaningful – for their own business, for their customers and the community.

I have some small business friends from the U.S., and I caught up with their shop local movement. I wish I had that movement in where I live right now. From my friends, I learn some lessons that I want to share with you today – again, it’s all about freedom.

Freedom to hustle pursuing your dream

Being a small business owner means hard work. You often don’t have access to all the funding you need, and you often need to think a thousand times before you make that purchase because your budget is limited.

And yes, there’s often no vacation for you.

But why small business owners are willing to do that? Well, I learn from my friends that they love what they are doing. They are even willing to do it for free. For them, it’s not the money that drive them; it’s the freedom to pursue their dream – even if that dream requires them to hustle 18 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You might ask me, “Are they happy? Are they not stressed?” The answer to both questions is yes.

Yes, they are stressed at times. But if you ask every business owner and entrepreneur out there, and he/she will say to you that entrepreneurship and business ownership requires you to live with stress; he/she will tell you that stress is good to keep them focused, and what you need to do well is on managing your stress level.

I personally understand what they mean. I am a business owner myself and I come to a conclusion that I need a certain level of stress to help me hustling in pursuing my dreams. And that’s, my friend, what I call freedom; freedom to do whatever I want in making sure that my business is a success.

4th of July cupcakes
photo credit: David Clow / Flickr

Freedom to take on opportunities worldwide

The best thing of being a small business owner today is the fact that you don’t have to confine your market to a local level. With the right tool and strategy, you can now go global with your products and services.

How can you go global? Here’s the easiest way: Just google your way to the worldwide marketplace.

I am a big fan of everything online. And all I can say about doing business online is that opportunities are everywhere. What you need to do is to find the right tools and devise the right plan to get your brand noticed.

The available tools – both online and offline – have enabled my friends and I to take on worldwide opportunities. And trust me – there are plenty of them, and you are free to find – and capitalize – on them.

Freedom to take responsibilities and decide on your own future

If you ask a small business owner about the best thing of running his/her own business, the typical answer will be “I’m my own boss – I’m free to decide the direction my business should go.”

A couple of patriotic friends of mine say that they are thankful for Founding Fathers for creating America, the land of opportunities (hence the saying living the American dream.) They are thankful that – unlike in many parts of the world – business and entrepreneurship is encouraged here in the U.S.

Although some regulations are putting burdens on their back, they keep on believing that their businesses will thrive (they do hope that there will be small biz-friendly regulations, though.)

With or without the Government’s support, my friends say that as long as they are free to decide their own future, they don’t mind the regulations and all. And you know what, I agree with them.

4th of July parade
photo credit: Discover DuPage / Flickr

Doing business is about freedom – and nothing can take it away

So, to recap, what the 4th of July mean for small business owners? The Independence Day means freedom; freedom for small business owners to do business and take on the challenge; freedom for budding entrepreneurs to let their creativity runs wild and launch a startup that potentially change the world we live in.

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Remember, the freedom is yours, and no one can take it away.

Happy Independence Day!

Disclosure: This post has been sponsored by Spark Business from Capital One®, but concerns my own opinion. This is first post in a series of eight.