5 Simple Ways to Keep Your Business from Burning Out

There’s good reason why most businesses get compared to well-oiled machines. When they’re at their most successful, they’re chugging along at full speed ahead, but just like any machine they still need the occasional maintenance check to keep things running smoothly. But most importantly, a well-oiled machine needs all hands on deck.

For a business to be successful, every department and every role needs to be working towards the same goal: the betterment and growth of the business.

Business team is having a meeting

Next time you feel like your machine is running low on steam, use these tips to get your company back on its productive track again!

Get on top of marketing trends

Social media is the most major part of business marketing that is an ever-growing and ever-changing medium. The only way to be on top of social media trends as they change is to constantly be immersed in that world.

If your brand has company accounts on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, don’t let these pages go dormant for days at a time. Post a status sharing an update from your company blog, tweet with a follower who declares how much of a fan of your product they are, and continue to grow and learn as the sites themselves grow and develop into better services.

Never allow your customer service to slip

Providing your customers with exemplary service is of the utmost importance for any brand. If your customer service starts slipping, your business’s reputation and the word of mouth surrounding it will also start to decline.

Creating a friendly, helpful, and memorable experience for your customers keeps them coming back and recommending you to their friends. Whatever personal issues you may have, leave them at the door for the day and focus on ensuring that the customer is taken care of the way you’d want to be treated.

Reward awesome employee behavior

To keep your team feeling passionate about the work they do, be sure to recognize those employees who go above and beyond their typical workload. This doesn’t mean you need to give out huge raises for every new initiative undertaken, but simple tokens of gratitude, like giving a Starbucks gift card to the top sales associate for the week, is a nice gesture to show that you appreciate all the hard work they’re doing. You can also reward group behavior if an entire department works together to produce seriously incredible results.

Make it known what your goal is for the month, and if the goal is hit, reward the whole office with a catered lunch or a half-day from work!

Office celebration

T.E.A.M. or, Together Everyone Achieves More

Remember, we’re all a unit here. I like to send out mass emails to everyone within my company on the progress of business as a whole. It keeps everyone updated on where we’re at and where we’re going and it also serves as a good reminder that the business gets to where it is if we all pull together as a cohesive group.

Many hands make light work and if we work together, we can accomplish amazing things.

Don’t forget to have fun!

In the midst of trying to keep up this intense, well-oiled machine, don’t forget to have some fun with your team. Take the departments out to a lunch meeting in place of holding an in-office meeting, if a sporting event like the World Cup is on create a communal environment where everyone can tune in and watch, and celebrate major individual milestones (like birthdays and baby showers) with tasty treats.

Being an entrepreneur, and working alongside a great team, you need to celebrate and often!