6 Gadgets Your Employees Will Love

All work and no play makes your employees unenthusiastic and less productive, which is why fun and functional tech gadgets are a must in the office. Whether it’s a wireless device that helps your employees carry out tasks on a lunch break walk or a tech tool that makes work life more convenient, gadgets can help your staff go the extra mile with ease. Here are six gadgets that your employees will simply love.

1. Office Calls With No Strings Attached

Logitech wireless headset
photo credit: Jung-nam Nam

If your employees handle phone calls in the office regularly, then it’s probably safe to assume the phone line keeps them tethered to the desk. That’s where the Logitech hands-free, desk-free, distraction-free Mono H820e Wireless Headset comes into play.

The wireless headset allows your employees to take landline calls wirelessly so they can work more efficiently while on the phone with clients. Not only does the Mono H820e have a noise-cancelling feature that improves call etiquette and interaction, it also has an impressive range of 300-feet.

2. Pocket-Sized Scanning Made Easy

Magic Wand portable scanner
photo credit: wrteacher.wordpress.com

Document scanning makes the office world go around, but it can also slow the work process a bit. That is unless your employees are equipped with the Magic Wand pocket-sized scanner. The little scanning wonder is only 10 inches long, which makes scanning standard documents a breeze.

As for the storage capabilities, the Magic Wand can scan and store hundreds of text and photo images on its 32GB Micro SD card. With this pocket scanner, your employees will have fun scanning documents instead of waiting in line at the office scanner to do so.

3. Cold Drinks All Thanks to the Almighty USB Port

Just So Soda USB thermoelectric
photo credit: ThinkGeek.com

If the refrigerator in the employee break room has turned into a living science experiment complete with its own ecosystem, then desktop refrigeration is a must. The Just-So Soda device can connect to a USB-powered computer port or wall plug to keep your employees’ personal sodas, energy drinks, and ice coffee at a cool 46 degrees.

The cooler uses thermoelectric technology to keep drinks and snacks chilled, which means your employees will never lose food in the frightening shared refrigerator again. In addition, the Just-So Soda device can also heat tea and coffee to 150 degrees, making it a microwave and cooler all in one.

4. A Mobile Device for Work on the Go

iPad for work on the go
photo credit: European Parliament

Whether your employees like to eat lunch at the park or at a restaurant, sometimes work doesn’t stop just because it’s noon. Luckily, carriers like T-Mobile offers a number of tablets that are lightning fast and ready for the job at hand. When equipped with T-Mobile’s mobile hotspots capable of data speeds up to 42Mbps, your employees can get online from any lunch break destination, regardless of a Wi-Fi connection.

5. All the Write Moves

Livescribe Smartpen
photo credit: Anoto AB

Typing notes during meetings is oftentimes more difficult than writing them by hand. Then again, transferring hand written notes into a digital format is time-consuming and counter-productive. To make note taking effortlessly easy for your employees, equip them with Livescribe Smartpens.

The Livescribe Smartpen allows your employees to write notes by hand then transfer the notes to a computer based on the pen’s stored movement memory. Livescribe Smartpens use a USB cable to transfer interactive handwriting, but there’s also a Wi-Fi enabled pen that simultaneously records handwritten notes on the user’s computer or mobile device.

6. PowerPoint Perfection

Hillcrest Loop Pointer

Computer-based presentations are great, but they’re also cumbersome for your employees to successfully accomplish. But, with The Loop wireless, surface-free mouse, your employees can actually interact with the audience during PowerPoint presentations instead of being trapped behind their laptops.

The Loop is an in-air mouse that mimics the user’s hand gestures to move the cursor around on the screen. The device also features a scroll wheel as well as right and left-click controls for point and click functionality. As for sensitivity, users can dial it in to their specific movements and hand gestures so the cursor doesn’t roam all over the screen during presentations.

If you really want your employees to enjoy every hour of their nine-to-five, keep in mind the great gadgets above.