Want Success? Take Risks, and Enjoy the Ride (Sponsored)

Let’s talk about risks.

We are all people, and I do know one thing about people: We love being in our comfort zone – no matter how good or bad it is.

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Let me explain.

Working for a boss, you know that you don’t belong in a cubicle, and you know that you can’t handle your boss’ antics. But still, for one reason or another, you love to stick around in your job. For years. Why?

Here’s another angle for you: Running a business, you know that your business is declining, and you need to change direction. But still, you somehow like to hang on your dying business, telling everybody that you are in it for a life time, for better or worse. Why?

For some people, they need decades to realize that their comfort zone is not really that comfortable.

They are “in the zone” because they thought they had the expertise in that zone. They thought they had the experience in that zone.

In reality, it’s often that they don’t have the courage to pursue other than what they are doing right now.

In short, they don’t want to take risks. Why?

Risks = uncomfortable

Dealing with risks put you in an uncomfortable situation. And to some, it’s better to hang on the broken career/business than to embark in the unknown journey.

Risk taking

That’s perfectly fine – if you don’t have a dream to pursue. But I doubt it. Everyone has a dream. Unfortunately, only a few can turn that dream into reality. And so many people love their comfort zone more than realizing their dream.

And unfortunately, only those who pursue their dream have the best shot for success, and unfortunately, taking risks is probably the only thing you can do to start pursuing your dream.

So, let me ask you this question: Do you want to be successful? If your answer is yes, let me ask you another question: Are you willing to take risks in order to be successful?

Let me help you answer those questions better by using real life examples.

Small business owners take risks – for some good reasons

Small business owners know very well that taking risks is necessary in their endeavor; as part of I Am Small Business Proud campaign from Spark Business from Capital One®, these small business owners share their risk taking endeavors:

More videos here: http://unr.ly/1p2FfSO

Convinced? Here’s my very own story:

I run an online business: It’s an online marketing and publication agency, managing a number of websites and helping a number of clients in getting exposure on search engines and social media.

Things are looking up, but the journey is not easy.

You see, I was a brick-and-mortar business owner. I owned two UPS Store-like business service centers. Things were not looking well, so I need to make a decision on two options: Hang on the dying business while finding ways to improve it, or let it go and pursue another opportunity.

I have a passion in online business. Before things went bad with my business, I have actually started a side business, online.

I finally made my decision and take risks to follow my passion. I closed down my bricks and mortar business and went all out on online business.

Through a series of successes and failures, I’ve got closer to my dream.

Today, I’m happy to report that my online business has supported me and has helped me building my investment portfolio. I work at home, and I’m proud to call myself an online entrepreneur – or laptop entrepreneur, if you will.

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I take risks. I have failed numerous times, but they are all necessary in getting me closer to my goals. Without taking risks, I won’t succeed.

Many small business owners and entrepreneurs also share what I do. They take risks. They hustle.

So, let me offer you this takeaway: If you want success, you need to get out of your comfort zone, and learn to enjoy taking risks. Even if you failed in your effort, well, at least you tried and you will have no regret.

The most beautiful thing of taking risks is that you will have access to the unlimited number of opportunities. Never mind your failures in pursuing the opportunities. You can always try and try again until you discover what you are looking for. You’ll never know.

Good luck with your entrepreneurial journey!

Disclosure: This post has been sponsored by Spark Business from Capital One®, but concerns my own opinion. This is second post in a series of eight.