8 Success Quotes from Great Minds

Success has always been amongst the most discussed topics of all times. A lot has been said throughout the years. There are plenty of books and materials digging in the nature of success. A lot of contemporary articles are sprinkling tips and tricks on how to become successful in business.

Our team at Puzl website builder believes that the roots of SUCCESS can be best discovered in the priceless heritage of quotes that wisdom people have left for us.

Discover some of our favorite SUCCESS quotes that have stood the test of time to keep us motivated and inspired:

Success quote from Vincent Lombardi

Work, work and work! Success is about hard working and persistency. Put your ideas into action; be energetic and devoted to your cause. Success doesn’t come easy. It requires efforts! Working extra hours or postponing family vacations and nights out with friends are some of the things you have to be ready to leave behind. Stay disciplined and focused on your goals. It all has price but will pay off in the future.

Success quote from Winston Churchill

All times favorite quote! To succeed you need to learn how to accept failure first. A lot of famous people who have failed at first, have not given up to become truly successful only some time later. Failure is not fatal. Even if it happens to you, take it as the experience you need to learn how to be become successful. Use its constructive potential to start anew even more enthusiastic and empowered.

Success quote from Robert Collier

Success is not instantly achieved. It is an outcome of every day efforts. Success is about winning small battles on the way to the final triumph. Be consistent and reliable. Take one small step at a time and little by little, one day you will wake up on top of SUCCESS.

Success quote from Napoleon Hill

Learn how to be patient. Stay persistent regardless of obstacles. Put all your energy and passion in what you are doing. Patience, persistence and perspiration are your stepping stones on the way to success.

Success quote

Your “I can do it” approach plays a very important role in the essence of SUCCESS. Believe in yourself, constantly improve your skills, stay focused and determined and you will soon come to realize that success is just around the corner.

Success quote from Celestin Chua

What really matters for success is having the right attitude towards it and knowing exactly how to achieve it. Be confident and proactive. Plan wisely. Know your chances. Consider your weaknesses. Take risks. Learn to think in perspective. Design a flawless action plan and follow the steps with a focus to result.

Success quote from Robert Brault

To be successful you have to be an innovator. Thinking outside the box will help you be different and beat up competitors. The path to success is never smooth and easy. Don’t take for granted anything they tell you about business and success. There is no universal rule or road that leads you there. Great players not only find their own way to succeed but know how to leave their own trail and meaning.

Inspire others

In the end of the day, it’s not only about the profit you make but the added value and positive changes you have delivered for the outside world too. Here comes to mind another great quote: “Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value.” Albert Einstein.

We hope that our selection of quotes have inspired you as well. Have you found the one that sticks the most to your success philosophy?

To top it off…

Do not give up

So don’t get easily discouraged and remember…

Success quote from George Eliot

It is never late. Even in Today’s competitive world, there are still plenty of opportunities to be seized and tons of creative ideas to be developed! It’s a matter of entrepreneurial spirit and hard work. The next great project can be yours. Why don’t you start from today?