Shocking: Puzl Lets You Build Unlimited Business Website for Free – with No Ad Support!

puzl reviewThere are so many free web tools you can use for the benefits of your small business. However, you typically need to be ready to be exposed to advertisements as most of them are ad-supported with some limitations – unless you pay for the premium version of the tools. This is only natural, really. The developers need to sustain and minimise the operational costs for some obvious reasons.

When you are planning to build a website for your small business, there are actually several quality web-based tools you can use (most of them also allow you to host your created website on their web servers.) I have tried some of them – Weebly, Webs, and so on. I was a big fan of Weebly. Was?

Yes – that was until I was recommended about Puzl. To say the least, Puzl is a game-changer is free website building arena. Read on to find out more about some shocking facts about Puzl…

Puzzled with the techie stuffs? Puzl will help un-puzzling you

Puzl lets you build a business website easily – and host it with them, for free. It’s that simple.

Here is the recap on how Puzl can help you:

User-friendly, highly customizable

What’s so great with Puzl is the fact that it is highly customizable – and non-techie people can just use Puzl without the lengthy learning curve. All can be done via click-and-drag. You can also have access to dozens of widgets


Here’s why I fav Puzl: Puzl is mobile-ready and social-media ready.

Your Puzl-created business website will be optimized for mobile devices. This is great to tap on the ever-growing mobile market.

Regarding social media, you might be very happy to know that every time you publish your content (including an article or a blog post) you can have it to be automatically shared with major social media platforms. This is great in getting the words out about your content easier.

Free and unlimited

Your business website is stored on Puzl’s web servers at no cost to you (Puzl claims that it remains free forever!) You can also have unlimited storage capacities and you can create unlimited number of pages. “Unlimited” is the best friend for bootstrapper like me :)

Branding can be all yours

As your business website will be published under a sub-domain name (i.e. you might want to have your own domain name. Yes, you can add your own domain name and have it linked to your Puzl account.


And here’s what intrigues me: Puzl offers all of the above ad-free. With the features offered, being ad-free is a real icing of the cake; your business website is displayed in the way you created it – no Puzl’s ads. The branding and revenue generation are all yours.

puzl-created page
Screenshot of

Okay, I’m convinced! How do I get started?

Please note, I am not affiliated with Puzl whatsoever. I wrote this post simply because – as a website owner and builder – I enjoy what Puzl is offering; I feel that this tool can help you establish a small business website.

Now, you don’t have any more excuses not to build a website or a blog for your small business!

To get started, all you need to do now is just signing up and start using the online tool. That’s all – no catch, no gimmick.

So, what do you think about Puzl? Is it the website builder for you? Please share what you think by leaving a comment on this post.

Ivan Widjaya
A new fan of Puzl