Instructions to Apply for Grants for Women Starting a New Business

Women have become independent today. The desire to make their identity in the society has grown more than ever before. While some have reached to the moon and come back, there are huge number of traditional housewives and young girls in the world wanting to start their own establishments. The government has however realized the need of empowering women by introducing various kinds of grants, specifically designed for them. Grants are basically free money that is provided to thousands of people under different categories each year to encourage their interests.

grants for woman entrepreneurs

There are number of way through which a woman can start her own business. Perhaps government grant is one of the most simplified and easiest method, as compared to other methods like applying for loans and credits from financial institution. Since it is difficult for a housewife to get guarantees and securities to fulfill the requirements of loan application, government grant applications have made the entire process much easier.

However, it is important to know that it is not necessary that being a woman the grant will directly come to you. Most part of the grants are given to NGO who work for the benefit of women. On the other hand, to apply for the grant a woman must have at least 3 to 5 years of successful track record in community services.

In this article, we will guide you with some instructions and tips on how to apply for business grants if you are a woman and willing to start your own new business.

Instructions To Apply For Women Business Grants

1. Before applying for the grant it is important to make an extensive research on various kind of grants available for women in your state. Grants for women entrepreneurship are easily available all around the places. You can make use of the internet or local directory to get the contact details of the grants specifically designed for empowering the woman class.

2. Once you have made your selection, create a well written, thoughtful and convincing mission statement. The statement need not be too hefty. It should be able to convey your objective and commitment. Let the government know about your desire and objective of
starting a business. Also, state what kind of business you are planning to start and why.

3. You will need to visit the government grant office or collect the form from authorized agencies in order to apply for the grant to start a new business. You simply have to fill those forms correctly and honestly. If you are not unsure of any segment, contact for assistance or seek help from anyone who is experienced or have knowledge of it.

4. Before applying for government grant applications make sure you have a well maintained track record of credit score. The government takes into consideration the credit score of everyone who is eligible for the grant, before making the final decision. This is just to make sure that the applicant has enough collateral securities to support the future business activities. According to the government policy, there is no use of granting money to the ones who cannot or are not capable of surviving business for a long term.

About the Author: The article is provided by Sachin, a small business author