Virtual Meetings: The Importance of Audio Memos

When you set out to conduct a virtual business meeting, it is very important that you keep a clear, concise record of the meeting for future reference. Have you ever had a conversation with someone only to forget a minute detail the next day? There is a reason why people use the phrase “I’ve slept since then” after forgetting something important. According to the New York Times, the human mind is becoming more and more forgetful due to the fast pace of 21st century society and the immersion of the population in “flashy” technology.

To make a long story short, human beings are not retaining information as well as they used to. Therefore, it is absolutely essential that individuals record and keep detailed records of official conversations in the business world so that no future misgivings occur.

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An Overview of Video Conferencing

Before looking at the details backing the conclusion that audio memos are essential during the video conference process, a definition of video conferencing itself may be in order. Video conferencing can be described as the orchestration of a video conference, virtual meeting, or video teleconference.

If you need to conduct a meeting with several parties who live quite some distance away (cities or even continents), then you may be the perfect candidate for a video conferencing program. Quality service providers, such as Blue Jeans video meetings, ensure that communication takes place simultaneously and effortlessly by using quality two-way audio transmissions accompanied by two-way video feed. You could describe video conferencing as a type of visual or virtual collaboration – it is the bringing together of two or more parties for clear communication despite distances or other once-limiting factors.

Video conferencing first appeared in Europe toward the end of the 1930s. After forty years, the technology promptly made its way to the United States where it became an ongoing project of AT&T. By the time the 1990s rolled around, powerful computer technology made it possible for video and audio to be streamed back and forth thanks to compression. Since conducting business meetings virtually allows for stronger connections in both professional and personal realms, businesses have since then greatly benefited from the implementation of high quality video conferencing.


One of the reasons it is important to record audio memos during virtual meetings is the overall safety of the people orchestrating the meetings. A surprising number of legal matters have ensued over what did or did not take place during certain video conference meetings. Recording and organizing your meetings and audio memos has never been more important during a time period during which lawsuits abound for even minor “events.”

Communication Essentials

You may be wondering why it is necessary to record a video conference audio track instead of simply transcribing the information for later. The truth is, the spoken word is far more powerful than the written word when it comes to conducting business and understanding one another intentionally. According to psychological research, your voice may influence or impress your listeners in as many as ten different ways.


Records are entitled “records” because they are intended to be kept around for a long period of time, typically for reference or inventory purposes. If you have ever gone through an old filing cabinet, then you probably know what paper starts to look like after years of storage: yellowed, stained, and difficult to read. No one likes dealing with musty paperwork, but the line must be drawn when clarity is compromised.

Audio memos during voice conferences allow you to create records of the events at hand that are easily stored for future reference. You can easily copy a certain record and store it in two locations so that if one record is damaged, you will have a backup copy readily available.

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Hassle Free

Audio memos are ideal over more traditional methods of keeping notes because it is literally a hands free operation. No more fumbling with your notepad while trying to scrawl the words of a particularly fast talker during a business meeting. Say hello to the easy documentation of information-packed business meetings.


Needless to say, if you are breaking a sweat as you try to scribble down every last word, you are probably going to miss a word or two. Even more probable is the event that you will miss an important phrase or key aspect of a person’s point. Accuracy is absolutely necessary when business meetings or other important meetings are being conducted so that the records can be correctly displayed for future use.

Due to the accurate, safe, and hassle-free nature of recording video conferences with audio memos, more and more people are beginning to “jump on board” with the idea. Words and tone of voice are an essential aspect of communicating effectively and efficiently, especially in the business realm. Keep this information in mind the next time you conduct an important virtual business meeting.