Interviewing Online? 5 Top Tips Inside!

Technology has dramatically changed the way in which businesses operate. Helping to reduce costs and reach a wider target audience, the World Wide Web has been a God send; particularly in the employment sector.

The most recent change that job seekers now face is the online interview. Software such as Skype has made interviewing online much cheaper for businesses. It has also made it more convenient for job seekers who are applying for jobs overseas or for those who worry about getting to interviews on time.

Look at the following trends:

Online job interview trends infographic
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Probably the best thing about online interview is the effective and efficiency. Here’s one example to make my point.

This happens quite often: You are moving to a new home in a new area. But before you do so, you need to secure a job to minimise the unemployment period during the transition. The question is, what would you do, and how do you do it?

Let’s say that you happen to move in to a new home in St Albans or other newly developed areas in the UK for the prospects and opportunities. Looking for jobs, an online interview may be the ideal opportunity for you to secure that job before even moving to the area. You can conduct the interview in your old home, while start working when you have moved in properly. If this is you, read on; below are some tips to ensure you ace it:

1. Don’t forget to dress smart

While the interview is going to be a lot more relaxed in the comfort of your own home, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to make an effort. Be sure to dress smart and focus on your bottom half as well as the top half. There may be times when you need to stand up throughout the interview and you don’t want to be caught half dressed!

2. Be aware of your background

Before the interview, do a quick webcam test to see what your potential new employer will see. Is the area tidy? Get rid of any clutter and make sure personal items are hidden from view. You might also want to ‘stage’ your background a little by arranging some decorations on the viewable area, such as a flower pot, wall photos, and so on.

Online job interview

3. Try not to fixate on your own image

While you’re being interviewed, remember to look into the camera. It’s tempting to fixate on your own image to see how you look. However, this will distract you from the questions being asked. Just like in a face-to-face interview, you need to look the interviewer in the eye.

4. Go over practice questions before the interview

The format of the interview might have changed, but the general technique hasn’t. Therefore it is important to practice questions and prepare well thought out answers ahead of time.

5. Make sure your Internet connection is stable

Last but not least, you need to be sure that your Internet connection speed is top notch. While you might not have a direct control over how fast or reliable your Internet connection is, you can always benefit from having a backup Internet connection ready – just in case; you’ll never know!


Preparing for an online job interview is pretty much the same as preparing for a face-to-face interview. Remember, if you’re successful you could soon be on your way to earning more money and improving your life. It is important. Good luck.