Great Venues for Business Exhibitions

Any business looking for the ideal venue in which to hold an exhibition needs to consider certain crucial elements before they set out on their search. First of all, think about how many exhibitors and customers you are expecting to attract. If you’re catering to a niche market with only a small selection of companies operating in your area, then you’re not likely to pack out a large city exhibition centre.

Alternatively if you’re shooting for a large audience and big-name guests from far and wide, you’ll need somewhere offering a little more space than a hotel conference room. You also must consider how much assistance you will need with the event, and what if any support you require from the venue managers, as well as whether or not there is anything they won’t allow.

Business exhibition at Business Design Centre London
photo credit: Oliver Mallich

If you set out on your search knowing what it is you need, then you’ll be in a better position to find what’s best for you. Here are some ideas for venues you might not have considered.

In The Town

Every city across the country has its share of great spots you can consider for your exhibition. Hotels offer an elegant and often laidback ambience, as well as often a sense of luxury that makes them a perfect venue for anything from foodie exhibitions to small wedding fairs. Sports halls are typically larger and able to accommodate significantly more people, albeit in rather more functional and somewhat less glamorous surroundings. These can be ideal for larger trade exhibitions if you want to pack in a lot of suppliers.

Events arenas and even sports grounds are often available for use as exhibition venues. Imagine hosting your event at your team’s football stadium or cricket ground, giving your event the feel of a day out for any visitors you’re expecting. Exhibition centres like the impressive ExCeL centre in London’s Earl’s Court are also major venues that cater specifically for events like these, and are well worth considering for large-scale days.

ExCel Centre London
ExCel Centre London – photo credit: keiotic

Around The Country

Whatever part of the world you’re based in, you don’t have to feel restricted to your own area. Perhaps you are inviting a wide range of suppliers from all over the country. In which case you’ll need to find somewhere that is most accessible for your visitors, which may sometimes mean setting up shop in another city or even heading out to a venue off the motorway and in the countryside. Country houses sometimes play host to exhibitors who want to come and show off their wares to customers, also providing a sumptuous setting in which you can hold a very special event.

If you’re bringing visitors from around the world, then why not consider holding your exhibition very close to or even inside a major airport? Some global airports have the necessary space available for exactly that purpose, welcoming visitors from far and wide. Wherever you go, as long as you have access to the space and facilities you need, you can put on a great event.


There are virtually too many venues you can consider for your business exhibitions. Wnat you need to do is to choose the one that can accommodate the projected figures of visitors. You don’t want your exhibitions to be too crowded, that that they give a bad name to your business.