3 Unique Team Building Activities you Should Try

3 Unique Team Building Activities you Should Try

Getting the chemistry right for your business team is every business owner’s dream. A great business team ensures that projects are done smoothly like a well-oiled machine, and communication is a breeze.

Just like many other things in business, great chemistry among team members is something you need to work on. And in term of team building, there is no better solution than arranging team building events on a regular basis. The big question is, what kind of team building event should you be doing?

Hovercrafting team building event
photo credit: Michal Nusko

Go outdoor!

Indoor team building activities are typical. They can be fun, but I personally think that the best team building event you can do is outdoor.

If you are looking for some unique ideas for team building that work, our friends at Hover Days recommend the following:

1. Blindfold Driving

What: Basically, this event is done by a 2-person team. One of them will drive, and the other one will be the navigator. Here’s what make it unique: The driver will need to wear a blacked out helmet and wouldn’t see a thing. He/she must rely on the navigator for guiding the vehicle.

Fun factor: 10/10. You can imagine how fun and hilarious seeing the vehicle moving here and there, disoriented.

Why it rocks: It’s a perfect team building activity as it teaches your team members to communicate and listen well. Moreover, your team members will learn about patience, trust and teamwork – all from one activity.

2. Reverse Steer Driving

What: It’s pretty straightforward, really: When you steer to the left, your vehicle will go to the right, and the other way around.

Fun factor: 8/10. Just like blindfold driving, you and your team members will experience how to drive a buggy like a drunkard. But when you are focused enough, it will be a breeze.

Why it rocks: This activity teaches your team members focus and concentration. It also teaches you to adapt quickly to a situation different from you normally deal with.

3. Sumo Wrestling

Sumo wresting team building event
photo credit: Stanley Fong

What: No, you don’t need to wear a mawashi or loincloth and go half naked doing it. Instead you will need to wear a hilarious Sumo suit. The idea is to go bump yourself to your colleagues and be the last man standing to be the winner.

Fun factor: 9/10. While standing in itself is quite difficult to do wearing the inflatable Sumo suit, getting bumped and rolled to the floor is pretty hilarious!

Why it rocks: This team event is considered as an ice breaker event. You can’t help laughing with your colleagues doing this. Removing awkwardness among team members is the first crucial step in great team-working.

Bonus: Hovercrafting

What: This is an extremely popular activity for a day out event for staffs. Using a hovercraft, you travel on water and land at exciting pace. It looks easy, but trust me – it’s not!

Fun factor: 8/10. The hovercraft travels over any surfaces – grass, mud, pond, etc. – at speed. ‘Nuff said.

Why it rocks: This fun activity get your team members closer to one another. It also promotes competition among your staffs. A bit of competition won’t hurt!

Want more ideas?

These resources can offer you more ideas for your next team building events:


There are, of course, many other unique team building activities you can try, but to get started be sure to try those activities. I’m almost sure that your team will be stronger when returned to the office setting.

Don’t forget to follow through and nurture! You need to challenge your team members continuously with challenging and interesting projects, as well as creating a relax but serious office environment.

Ivan Widjaya

Ivan Widjaya is the Owner/Editor of Noobpreneur.com, as well as several other blogs. He is a business blogger, web publisher and content marketer for SMEs.