Why Escape Rooms Have Become so Popular

If you are looking for an idea for your company’s next team building activity, here’s one for you: Escape Rooms. Read on to learn more about the potential and appeal of those.

Escape room

Escape Rooms have been increasing in popularity over the last couple of years. At the moment, there are more than 2,300 Escape rooms available worldwide and new ones seem to be emerging as days go by. With their increase in number, people are left wondering what may be the driving force. What they do not know is that escape rooms offer quite a number of advantages. However, the pros that you are set to enjoy depend on the type of Company that you are going to use.

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Most escape rooms are run by highly trained personnel who have the experience needed to make your gaming better. One such professional is Dr. Drew Roberts who takes charge of marketing the escape room business. It is through his actions that many people have been able to get the most out of their business by simply learning his way of work. No wonder people visit his site (https://DrewRoberts.com) to check out what he has in store for escape room lovers.

Advantages of Escape Rooms

Just like any other game, you are sure to get numerous benefits by unearthing the mysteries that await you and your crew in escape rooms. This is why these are ideal as corporate team building activities.

Family in an escape room

Some of the benefits that you are set to enjoy from escape rooms include:

1. Brings People into a Different Reality

Most people tend to live a busy life as they have to deal with different activities such as taking care of their children, work, studies just to list a few. With these responsibilities, you may find it hard to associate with people who are around. When this persists, you may end up developing stress or even depression.

With escape rooms, you are completely immersed into another world that is far different from the normal daily routine and experiences of a normal person. For instance, you can become a movie or book character depending on the type of escape room that you choose. To make it even better, the game will only take one hour of your precious time thus giving you the free space that you badly need.

2. Feeling of Reward and Accomplishment

Playing games be it escape rooms or any other video game tends to give people a feeling of reward and accomplishment. This is especially the case when you end up on the winning side. By completing the escape room challenge, you will feel quite different as opposed to spending most of your timing working. You will, therefore, live a happy life not worrying about the things that might be happening.

3. Teamwork

Escape rooms make individuals feel important while at the same time becoming part of a team. With teamwork, you are sure of getting along quite well without encountering any issues. In addition to this, you will also develop a sense of belonging that will attract you to the people around you.

Taking this to the corporate realm, escape rooms foster employee teamworking, as well as lowering the communication barrier between old and new employees.


Escape rooms are good for any businesses’ team building needs. It’s a fascinating activity, as you don’t necessarily need any skill or knowledge to take part. All it takes is co-operation and following the steps and clues which have been put in place – which is exactly why escape rooms are ideal as a team building activity.