How to Choose the Right Type of Estate Agent (Infographic)

Selling a house or property can be an extremely stressful time and with so much to think about, it’s essential that you find an estate agent that will help make the situation easier for all involved. The process of selling a house can take months and so you need to ensure that your estate agents are working their hardest to market and sell your property to potential buyers.

Of course, when it comes to selling your property, you are bound to want to make the most money possible from the sale and so the importance of finding the best estate agent for you is critical, but how should you choose the right type of estate agent?

An estate agent selling a house

Creating a shortlist of local and national estate agents is the first step in selecting an estate agent and there are several ways in which you can compile one. Word of mouth is perhaps one of the most effective ways in which to find a great estate agent. Ask around your friends, family and neighbours to see who they’d recommend. Look for online reviews of people’s experience with certain agents as they tend to be fairly honest and can be used as a guideline on what to expect from each agent.

Do a little research to find out company credentials and to see exactly what each agent offers, what extras they throw in and whether there are any hidden charges. Compile a list of questions you must ask them in order to make your decision, considering questions such as:

  • My property is slightly unusual (historic/modern/unusual features) have you sold anything similar? How did you market it? What price did it sell for?
  • I have a busy work schedule, do I have to be available for viewings or will you be able to conduct them for me? Are you available weekends?
  • Will you provide me with a ‘For Sale’ board?
  • Where will my property be advertised (online/newspapers/estate agents window/etc.)?
  • What price will my property be marketed for and what price do you realistically expect it will sell for?
  • If my property is struggling to sell, how will you help to push it?

Research should also be conducted regarding the agents website and the ways in which they advertise the properties they already have on their books. Consider aspects such as the quality of their website, the way in which properties are photographed, whether they will create a virtual tour of the building and whether or not the description of your property is accurate and positive. It is also important to check whether or not they are part of an accredited and professional trade association or Ombudsman service.

Pushy agents are something to avoid. As easy as it may be to forget at times, you must remember that the estate agent you’ve chosen works for you. With this in mind, remember that you are in charge and so don’t allow your agent to push you into any major decisions when it comes to accepting or declining potential offers.

If you’d like further insight into how to choose the right type of estate agent, then the House Network Infographic republished below provides further information.

How to choose the right estate agent infographic