How Important is Office Recycling?

In recent years, people have been become increasingly aware of the impact that our lifestyles are having on the planet. Everything from the drastic and swift removal of the rainforest to leaving the tap running while we clean our teeth has implications for the legacy we leave.

The decisions we make regarding the environment typically become more significant as the number of people involved increases. For this reason, the workplace can be an important place for making decisions. Here, we take a closer look at how important recycling is at work, and ways in which we can make it easier to achieve our goals.

Employees need to follow office recycling policies - and be proud of it

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It’s important for businesses to recognise that their green credentials don’t only affect the environment, they also have implications for their brand image and company reputation. If the imperative of climate change wasn’t already significant enough, the threat to business will provide food for thought.

Recycling is as big a part of a company’s green identity as anything else. Even things as seemingly small as making the switch to using recycled paper can have a sizeable impact on the way that clients and customers view your business.

Implementing recycling initiatives

Making big changes among big groups of people isn’t always easy, but making a transition to becoming a greener company is possible with the right attitude. Recycling initiatives can be approach with two stages in mind. First of all, the facilities should be put in place. Second, training should be offered and awareness should be raised.

Items like industrial waste compactors are a simple way to start reducing your company’s carbon footprint. As well as offering clear recycling solutions for the waste that your business creates, it’s important to start making use of recycled materials from the beginning.

Office recycling
photo credit: London Permaculture

When you’ve created a green office space, the next step is to bring your team on board. In addition to clearly stating your intention to become a green company, it will be necessary to provide extensive training for everybody in your workplace. Of course, having the right equipment in place will be somewhat meaningless if your employees aren’t aware of how to use it.

Want to speed up the implementation? Make “going green” a formal company policy for everyone to follow and comply to.

Tracking progress

As your business makes the transition to becoming a greener company, it can be helpful to track progress. Not only will this be great for office morale, but it will provide you with statistics which you can use to impress your customers.

For tracking purposes, you need to establish a system in which every employee can take part. Be sure to let your employees know how everyone is doing in going green. Post updates on notice boards. Send email updates. Engage and get everyone involved.


If you really want to make a difference with your office, you need to find ways to ensure that “going green” is infused in your company culture.

Let every employee contributes with their effort and be proud of what they do. Let them be your “eco-evangelist,” so that whenever they converse with their friends, colleagues and clients, they can share your company’s vision in becoming an eco-friendly company.