This Travel Tech Startup Will Change The Way You Do Tour Guiding and Travel Planning: Guiddoo

Do you enjoy travelling? I know I do. Given the fact that I run a location independent business, my best perk is the ability for me to travel anytime, anywhere.

For those who knows me for a long time, they know that I’m not a backpacker. I like to stay in a fancy but budget-friendly hotels. I also like to visit tourist spots with public transport independently with my family – I’m not really into touring in a group.

Hallstatt, Austria
My favorite scenery: Hallstatt, Austria – photo credit: Wikipedia

I love deals. And yes, I need everything to be planned properly before I travel. I go to travel sites –,, etc. – to learn as much as I can about the destination and accommodation.

Unfortunately, those tedious activities, even though those were fun at first, made me a bit anxious, as they take a bit too much of my time. I need something – an online guide or app, if you will – to help me learn about my destination – and find deals – faster. It’s a tough search, to say the least.

Things change, however. Good, no, grand news. I’ve been contacted by Mr. Darshan Sharma, who recommended me an app that his company is working on. Mr. Sharma is the Head Marketing of Guiddoo, an innovative travel tech startup.

Talking with Mr. Sharma reveals that Guiddoo could very well be the app I am looking for all this time. I would say that this app is a life-hacker app for those who enjoy travelling.

What is Guiddoo?

Let me share a bit about the app.

Guiddoo basically an app that helps you personalise your travel with tour guiding and travel planning to any destinations you can think of. Adopting the augmented reality technology, you can get interactive destination info right from your mobile device – hands-free; this is great for a walking tour right on the tourist spots.

Not only destination info, you can plan for your travel right from the app, including tour booking.

Here’s what exciting: In the near future, not only mobile devices, Guiddoo app will be accessible via Google Glass (that wearable tech gadget) and Oculus VR (that virtual reality gadget.)

Interestingly, Guiddoo is not only offering just for-traveller app. It’s also offering a B2B app suitable for businesses offering tour products; so great news to travelpreneur out there!

Guiddoo B2B app offers a managed service, which mean you can access the app and add your packages without worrying on the technical side.

Enough talking. Where can I get the app?


You can get the app from Google Play and AppStore. It’s still limited in functionality, as well as content. But you can help turning it into a comprehensive app with more features. How?

Guiddoo has just launched a campaign on Indiegogo looking for a seed fund of $100,000.

If you believe in Guiddoo’s vision and ready to support it, you can do so via Indiegogo. In return, you will get perks like travel coupons you can use for booking hotels, flights, car hire and tour/package bookings for your next year’s holiday – plus free subscription to the apps.

Where can the coupons be used? You can redeem those with Guiddoo’s partners. Guiddoo has partnered with Expedia,, Thomas Cook, Hertz and Viator. A nice list of partners, I must say.

I believe that Guiddoo will become the next big thing in travel tech. I can’t wait for the launch of the apps. If you share my belief, please support Guiddoo Indiegogo Campaign.