10 Crowdfunding Statistics That Should Spark Your Interest

The power of numbers and ideas is the main reason crowdfunding has become huge. These two things combine to create a future where investors and consumers can see eye to eye. But for crowdfunding to be effective, there are a few statistics that should never be ignored.


Company Age

If you go by industry statistics, the average age of a company using crowdfunding is six. This means that businesses have passed their alpha stage by the time they seek financial assistance. For comparison, a good list of companies in their prime can be found on businesstrex.

Company Size

Companies that seek crowdfunding have an average size of ten employees. This isn’t a surprising statistic, but it shows that most seek financial balance in order to grow. With a tight budget, crowdfunding completely changes a company’s dynamic.

Social Causes

About 20 percent of crowdfunding focuses on social causes. This is a major statistic to watch since it seems to be going up. Even with grants, crowdfunding is a great backup to have.

Oldest Company Locations

The Midwest houses the oldest companies that seek crowdfunding. They are usually in the electronics and instrumentation industry. A few select states in the US have had surprising amounts of growth in their specific areas.

Youngest Company Locations

The youngest companies that seek crowdfunding are in the media and entertainment industry. This particular statistic shows the vast gap between the winners and losers of this particular industry. It’s the southeast region that sees the most action when the company age is younger.

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Funding Goals

From 2018 to 2020 funding goals for crowdfunding saw an increase of almost 20 percent. This number is expected to trend upwards based on the average age of companies that seek crowdfunding.

Average Revenues

Average revenues increased to thirteen percent from 2007 to 2020. This is a slow increase, but it also shows a positive rate of return on what was once a big risk. There is a good chance that the prime of crowdfunding will show even bigger increases in a shorter amount of time.

Expected Market Growth

Experts expect the growth of crowdfunding to be substantial from 2020 to 2025. The compound annual growth rate of sixteen percent is a soft estimation and one that many in the industry are preparing for.

Investor Equity

For investors, the average equity was surprising from 2019 to 2020. At eleven percent, the gains across several industries showed no major weak points. The crowdfunding success was balanced and showed that it didn’t favor any particular industry.

Founder Equity

Crowdfunding is about giving both sides what they want, and it didn’t disappoint with an almost seventy percent average in founder equity. The 2020 numbers already set an expectation for the 2021 numbers to see a marginal increase.

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Find Success in The Numbers

As the numbers keep growing, interest in crowdfunding keeps rising. There is no better time than now to take advantage of this financial trend. Like any good investment, crowdfunding has the numbers to back up its growing popularity.