Getting an MBA with No GMAT is Easier Than you Think

If you are ready to turn your career around, but have that test-taking fear, there are a few ways to achieve your goal. You can acquire your MBA online with no GMAT required in many of today’s leading colleges and universities. As employers’ views of education have changed, this makes it so much easier than you would think.

International MBA students
photo credit: UCLA Anderson

There Are Many Accredited Schools Online

Many online schools allow you to enter their MBA program without taking the GMAT. You must be careful and ensure the school is accredited so you will be recognized in your industry.

You’ll find many of the top respected business schools are now offering programs online. This is because managers and executives are all looking to improve their skills and add an MBA degree to their resumes. With their busy careers, it’s almost impossible to attend a full-time or even part-time MBA program on a campus. So they are quickly turning to accredited online universities.

GMAT and GRE Are Slowly Becoming Unimportant Factors

Online business schools are there to cater to all. However, they tend to have older adults, such as those working in corporate positions. Admissions have realized that the GMAT and GRE scores do not determine our leaders of tomorrow, their experience does. So the B-schools are slowly waiving or abandoning these two tests as a requirement to get into their schools.

Be Prepared to Bring Value to Your MBA Application

MBA Application review
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Since universities are overlooking the GMAT and GRE requirement, you can best believe your application must be stellar for acceptance. A strong MBA application essay can overcome many weaknesses you have, such as your recommendations or interviews.

Your admissions essay will complement your application. The admission department will review it with a fine-toothed comb. You need to convince this department that you will excel in their program. Your academic profile must stand out from the rest. Be extremely detailed regarding why you are choosing this degree and their school.

It’s advised to reach out to an MBA admissions expert to help you with this essay and admissions application. They know exactly how to tailor this application and essay to your benefit. You are spending thousands for your degree, you might as well invest in a person that can see to it that you get into the program of your choice.

Rework Your Accompanying Documents

Along with your application and essay, you’ll need to provide your transcripts, resume, and references. Just as with any job application, you’ll want no gaps in your resume, which might leave the recruiter to guess. Be sure to include detailed information about these gaps. Also, join any community organization to help boost your extracurricular activities and show your leadership skills if you don’t possess any.

Finally, be sure all your references are up to date and know you are applying for this MBA online program. A freshly written recommendation is always helpful.

So as you can see, it’s fairly easy to get your MBA online no GMAT required. It’s all about your current professional experiences and the potential you have after obtaining your MBA.