What Are The MBA Specialisations Available To You?

As the number of entrepreneurial endeavours and innovation-driven start-ups are shooting up, detailed business education has become the need of the hour. Today, more students are inclined towards acquiring professional education in business to strengthen their hold on global business tactics and create a successful career for themselves.

In fact, the past few years have seen the integration of business studies with industry-specific specialisations that bring together the expertise of two fields under one umbrella. This not only helps students acquire broad base knowledge about varied subjects but also allows them to take on roles that are multidimensional.

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In this blog, we will focus on the various MBA courses offered by universities to help you acquire relevant qualification for an international business setting. Read on to find out which specialisation could be the perfect fit for you.


An MBA in marketing offers you a dynamic and competitive career by, helping you understand consumer and market behaviours. Students also get to learn about the key elements of advertising and marketing operations of products or services.

This degree would offer you very lucrative opportunities and will hone your skills in developing business plans and identifying the strengths and weakness of a business to leverage business opportunities and safeguard your company from the potential threats.

International business

An MBA in international business provides you with an in-depth understanding of the organisational capabilities related to international operations of a company. It aims to equip students with the skills required to conduct specialised functions such as finance, international marketing and more.

This program is designed to help students get familiarised with the concepts of globalisation and world economies. In addition, an MBA in international business will also provide you with a chance to travel around the world and develop a cross-cultural perspective.

Operation management

An MBA in operation management can help you deal with various tenets of production management or shop floor management related. You will become proficient in maintaining process flows by developing a knack for inter-departmental relationships.

If you have an academic background in engineering, you can take up MBA operations management as your career path. It can give you an edge over your peers in processes such as product development and designing.

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Information technology

MBA in IT is designed to provide you with the knowledge to effectively plan, design, implement and administer information & communications technologies. As an IT manager, you can play an important role in the business by designing and implementing hardware and software solutions to various solve business problems.

You can pursue an MBA in information technology with a bachelor’s in any specialisation.

Human resources

Human resources is one of the most important aspects of a company as the employees are the heart of every company. An MBA in Human Resource Management strengthens the managing skills to best utilize the people and their skills in business organisations. HR MBA equips the candidates with the process of hiring, training and managing the workforce for the organization.

Apart from these conventional specialisations, there are many upcoming MBA streams such as maritime management, healthcare management, tourism and hospitality management, and social media management that you can opt for.

MBA is one of the most challenging master’s programs and would require every ounce of your time and efforts. Hence, take some time to carefully consider which course you should choose as your specialisation. You can prepare a list of benefits of your shortlisted specialisations and compare them to choose the right course for your career.