Is Being Green Good for Business? The EPA Thinks So

All businesses are aware of just how important the environment is to consumers these days, but there’s always been a question over how much difference it makes to the bottom line. After all, despite numerous government incentives and a positive attitude towards being environmentally friendly, it can still be an expensive choice to make the switch to green. Due to that factor, one question emerges: Is going green really that good for business?

Now however, more than 350 entrepreneurs and other business leaders have come together to say that the Environmental Protection Agency’s plan to cut carbon pollution by a third over the next 15 years is the right one, and that being green is great for business.

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The Threat of Climate Change

This group of businesspeople belong to an organisation called Environmental Entrepreneurs or E2, and their recent message on the Clean Power Plan Proposal is very clear indeed. What they’re saying is that climate change itself is already costing the US economy billions upon billions each year, and not doing anything about it will cost more than making the switch to green practices in the long run.

Green and cleaner energy in particular is an industry in its infancy, but it is showing remarkable signs of growth, which can only be good for the economy. It’s a powerful job creator, with many companies springing up around the industry, whether they’re directly involved, or like ERG, attempt to reduce current emissions.

The movement towards renewables and other low-impact types of energy is also significantly reducing the cost of energy for many. E2 have even suggested that businesses could do more to switch to green alternatives than have even suggested by the EPA, citing ever falling costs of implementing solutions such as solar panelling. There’s a real feeling that there should be radical change in the way businesses attempt to meet stringent new targets.

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photo credit: Arlington County

Such clear faith in the new carbon pollution standards is nothing new, but it certainly is coming from such an influential group of entrepreneurs and business leaders. E2 hopes not only to make positive changes for their own businesses, but to inspire others too. Hopefully many more aspiring entrepreneurs will also aim to establish their own businesses with the environment in mind. Indeed, the members of E2 are not the only ones to have given their blessings to these new standards. The EPA actually received a hugely impressive eight million comments of support.

This environmental focus in business is likely to continue in the future so smart entrepreneurs should take notice of this and see how their business practices impact their local environments and communities. Even small start-ups can set the example and create business processes that are more sustainable.


Regardless of whether your business tackles climate change directly or whether you can implement cleaner practices, the efforts you make are likely to get you noticed. Governments and businesses are becoming increasingly scrutinized for their climate change efforts. It’s very common to out-source parts of your business abroad where environmental regulations aren’t as strict as in Europe/USA but you are still responsible for this so make sure you demonstrate your commitments throughout all your operations.