Are Aftermarket Parts for Your Bottled Water Business?

The demand for bottled water is rising. According to the International Bottled Water Association, by 2016, bottle water will be the number one packaged drink.

If you manufacture the supplies for this industry or actually manufacture the end products yourself (e.g. bottled water,) one delay in your process could make your customers turn to another supplier.

Once you lose a customer, it is very difficult to get them back. When you need parts to repair the equipment you rely on, you want them fast. If you cannot get the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts to fix your equipment, you will lose business.

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Considering aftermarket parts

You have probably heard of aftermarket parts. An aftermarket part is simply a part that is not sourced from the original manufacturer.

The company that makes your PET bottling equipment gathered all the parts from different manufacturers to create your equipment. Sometimes, those parts are designed for minimum standards to keep costs low. Consequently, OEM parts may wear out quicker when your company is doing a high volume of business.

Aftermarket parts are created to solve OEM problems

Aftermarket parts meet the growing demand for companies who are working hard to fulfill the need for bottling supplies. Your compressor consists of many pieces that need to be high quality so that your equipment does not break down. Many aftermarket parts are developed to meet specific problems with the OEM parts, making them more durable and efficient to meet your needs.

If you quickly need a part for your compressor that is 100% interchangeable with OEM parts, you should not hesitate to find it from a company that understands you need to keep working. A business that specializes in valve design so that it can help you get the most efficient part you need to get your line back on track.

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It’s the maintenance – not the aftermarket parts’ quality

If you are being misled by others, tricking you into believing that OEM parts are better than aftermarket parts, let’s bust the myth and set things straight: Aftermarket does not mean low quality by any means.

When your compressor breaks down, it may not be a faulty part or improper design. There are so many moving parts in the equipment, without a full inspection by an expert, the list of possibilities would be almost endless.

If your equipment is frequently breaking down, the most common cause is a change in the operational use from the original design condition. Next, you may want to look at the repair and maintenance history. Aftermarket parts for PET bottling equipment will help you keep your equipment working through even the busiest order you have.


Remember, both OEM and aftermarket parts can’t withstand poorly maintained equipment. In reality, in fact, aftermarket parts last longer than OEM parts.

Take the time to explore the possibility of using aftermarket parts before your equipment needs repair or maintenance. Get the high quality parts that work for your business to keep you fulfilling orders. Find out how aftermarket parts will save you money, time, and headaches.