Waiakea Water Stands Out For Its Eco-Friendliness

Looking for water that will leave you both feeling great and looking good? Bottled water from Waiakea Water is just what the doctor ordered. People enjoyed the unique taste of Waiakea Hawaiian volcanic water for years now, and there’s honestly nothing else like it on the market. The taste of this water was enough to hook many from the start. But there is yet another reason why to stick with Waiakea above anyone else: It is one of the most eco-friendly companies in its niche.

Waiakea Water
photo credit: YouTube

Waiakea has won several awards for its eco-friendliness. In fact, the company is the first domestic premium bottled water to be certified CarbonNeutral.

One eco-initiatives Waiakea do include the most sustainable fresh water resources in the world with the recharge rate of 1/4 billion gallons/day.

Another eco-initiative is the use of high-quality 100% recycled polyethylene terephthalate, or RPET, for its bottles. This recycled plastic has wonderful environmental advantages. For instance, when compared with virgin or regular plastic bottles, Waiakea’s bottles require 85% less energy during the manufacturing process. These bottles also utilize 90% less water and reduce carbon emissions more than 90%.

More initiative: Not long ago, Waiakea launched Pahu Nunui, a 15-liter environmentally responsible recyclable box – an alternative water delivery product. These recyclable box offers water to consumers in a minimalistic packaging which reduces carbon emissions by 97 percent.

Pahu Nunui by Waiakea Waters and Nexus Fuels
photo credit: Waiakea

To make sure they are doing things right, Waiakea Water has been working hard with RSK and Natural Capital Partners, two top emissions consultants across the globe. The company works hard to measure and decrease the indirect and direct environmental impacts of its product—and of the business itself—to its target of net zero. For instance, the company pays special attention to how much electricity it uses and the amount of emissions that arise from its business travel. In addition, it considers how much of its employees’ waste is landfilled versus recycled.

Simply put, Waiakea is serious about decreasing its environmental footprint while also delivering a first-rate product all over the world. Considering the above, if you’re interested in going “green” this spring, be sure to add Waiakea Water to your pantry. Both you and Mother Earth will no doubt be thankful you did.