Waiakea Water Partners With Nexus Fuels For Pahu Nunui Bag-in-Box

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water launched the “Pahu Nunui,” a 15-liter environmentally responsible recyclable box. This Bag-in-Box is an environmentally responsible recyclable box that allows consumers to receive bulk water in minimalist packaging that reduces carbon emissions by 97 percent. The Bag-in-Box upcycle program gives consumers a green alternative to traditional water delivery services.

Pahu Nunui by Waiakea Waters and Nexus Fuels
photo credit: Waiakea

Waiakea Water – a beverage industry leader in sustainable and environmentally responsible packaging – partnered with Nexus Fuels on the recent launch of Pahu Nunui Bag-in-Box water bulk water delivery. The new program employs Nexus technology that efficiently converts waste plastics into reusable fuels and feedstocks for a broad range of utilitarian products.

The Bag-in-Box is offered to e-commerce customers as an environmentally responsible water delivery option, using an upcycling strategy that gives customers the opportunity to return the empty bags for cost-effective, clean, and green recycling. Nexus technology upcycling converts the water bags into a variety of wax-based materials and fuels. Customers can return the bags free of cost – Waiakea Water offers prepaid labels so that they can be shipped via carbon-neutral United Parcel Service shipping, though customers who live in regions where #7 plastic recycling centers are convenient may opt to recycle locally.

A half-gallon of fuel can be generated with only 10 Waiakea Water bags. Waiakea Water was one of the first beverage producers to be granted a CarbonNeutral® certification, a distinction only given to companies with net-zero CO2 emissions who operate in accordance with the CarbonNeutral® Company’s stringent standards.

Nexus Fuels is an energy production and waste management company that pioneered a waste plastics conversion technology that refines challenging waste plastics into high-grade fuels and eco-friendly products.

Since its inception, Waiakea Water has been committed to maintaining and innovating ecologically responsible business practices, partnering with local organizations dedicated to protecting Hawaiian natural resources as a part of its Kokua Initiative, and helping to give people living in impoverished regions access to potable water. In addition to sponsoring nonprofit organizations whose focus is helping Hawaiian youth understand the importance of conservation and caring for the natural world, Waiakea Water donates a week’s worth of clean water to people in underdeveloped nations through its partnership with Pump Aid.

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