Budget Planning & Comms: 5 Business Meeting Venue Types to Consider

One of the most difficult things any business needs to do is manage its expenses. Whether you are trying to manage a force of hundreds or more or you just have a few employees to quarantine, you still have to keep everyone on budget and preferably under budget. At the same time communications are essential to your business making any money at all! If your customers can’t call and your partners can’t reach you then they will just assume that you’ve gone off the grid!

Thus the crux of the challenge of budget planning & comms.

Business meeting on office

In Office

Obviously the best way to budget for communications is in your own office space.  If you haven’t set up a good teleconferencing service inside of your own office  it is certainly something that you will want to undertake and you will want to do so presently. It is at your own expense if you do not have a teleconferencing partner in your early stages. You eventually just learn to operate without it and your output and communication ability is going to suffer because of it.


Another place you will surely want to have a decent telephone system is in the mobile sphere. Even if your employees don’t do much travel that doesn’t mean they won’t in the future. It will be your downfall when you are unable to reach a key member of your team after hours or when they are of site simply because you haven’t set up a good telephone service for them to take when they are outside of the office. Moreover as the founder or CEO of your business you want to be able to get in touch with people as soon as things happen. The only real way to do so is if you have set up a good mobile framework.


Maybe the most important part of budget planning for communications is in the conferencing sphere. Everyone knows how complicated these networks can be to set up and then once  you have them implemented you may feel as though you are spending money on a service you never use! It’s only until the very day that you need to access your conferencing service that is when you will cry why didn’t you set this up sooner! Don’t beat yourself up over lost sales because you couldn’t strike a good balance between budget planning & comms. Make sure you have a cost effective plan in place so that you aren’t up the river when you need it!

Public Facilities

Maybe the tackiest way for someone to use a public meeting is via public facilities. You may be able to get a landline phone in your hotel waiting room. But if you can’t access private facilities then you are subjected to all of the noises of a hotel lobby!

Business meeting and mobile computing

Private Meetings

Perhaps the most expensive type of communications will happen when you set up a meeting in private facilities. This is fine if everyone is contributing and coming to the space on their own dime, but how often does that really happen? The chances of your being on the hook for greater expense than you’d like is very real!

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