5 Reasons Why You Should Hire an SEO Company

Search Engine Optimization, commonly known as SEO, plays a critical role in your business’s online presence. Essentially, SEO is a strategy to organically increase a website’s ranking on search engines.

According to a report by BrightEdge, an SEO platform provider, more than half of all website traffic is due to an Internet user’s organic search results. For a website to rank high on Internet search engines – and attract this huge percentage of online traffic – SEO implementation is essential.

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Below are five reasons why it’s imperative to hire a trusted, high-quality SEO company to maximize your business’s online visibility.

Internet Users Rely (Heavily) on Search Engines

The BrightEdge report is not alone. Numerous other studies indicate that a website’s ranking on search engines directly correlates to the amount of traffic the website receives. Higher ranking equals more traffic. In addition, most Internet searches end on the first page — meaning users typically do not click-through to the next results page.

With over two billion people now online, companies cannot afford to lose potential customers due to low search engine rankings. Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines have replaced The Yellow Pages and phone books, which are nearly obsolete in modern business. Search engines are now how customers know a business exists.

More of a necessity than a wise investment, an SEO strategy implemented by knowledgeable professional will improve your website’s ranking and increase your business’s website traffic.
An Effective SEO Strategy is Complex

Needless to say, SEO techniques must be implemented correctly to be effective. Although some rudimentary SEO techniques can be taught, SEO implementation is much more than adding a few keywords to content.

To ensure proper web presence, SEO strategists must understand intricate (and constantly evolving) search engine algorithms as well as SEO-friendly web design, linking, and coding. In addition, SEO specialists must constantly monitor, analyse, and adjust techniques to optimize results.

Not implementing proper SEO techniques can cause the project to be a waste of time, resources, and money.

SEO is an Ongoing Process

In 1994, keyword stuffing and link farming were accepted and effective SEO strategies. Today these practices have a seriously adverse effect on website ranking. Article spinning and unnatural inbound linking have also been phased out over the years.

Google, the world’s leading search engine, consistently introduces new algorithms that dictate the effectiveness of SEO best practices. For example, in the wake of recent algorithm changes – namely Panda, Penguin, and most recently Hummingbird – many websites nose-dived in ranking.

Companies simply did not adapt to or understand the new rules. Qualified SEO specialists stay up-to-date on current best practices.


Optimization is Crucial to Stay Competitive

If you’re having trouble reaching the first page of search results, there is a reason. Your competition is already implementing SEO.

Customers now find companies online and, to be successful, companies cannot ignore the online market of would-be customers. Not only does SEO help a business’s online presence, but it also attracts the right Internet user. In other words, quality SEO implementation helps determine your website’s relevancy to search queries.

Proper SEO implementation maximizes targeted traffic, delivering a competitive edge.

Hiring SEO Specialists Allows You to Concentrate on Business

SEO techniques include keyword evaluation and proper usage, content optimization, link building, back linking, a myriad of technical IT work, and constant performance analysis. SEO is a full-time job, and applying partial effort to SEO can result in a failed effort. Even if some employees understand certain SEO components, do they have the time to learn more involved aspects? Probably not.

Although having and maintaining first-page search results is important, so are the other aspects of your business. By hiring an SEO company businesses can focus on business.


Implementing a successful SEO campaign takes in-depth knowledge, unwavering dedication, and adaptive skill. To ensure a highly visible Internet presence, it is essential to utilize SEO strategies by a results-driven company. At Complete Web Resources, we understand the demands of today’s digital business landscape and specialize in getting you in front of your online customer.