Convenient Banking: Go Mobile (Infographic)

Are you still on the fence about joining the mobile banking revolution? Mobile banking’s transforming the way people access financial services. With the touch of a button, you can view your account history and even set up alerts for when bills are due.

Mobile banking

So what makes mobile banking so convenient? Well, here are the top three ways mobile banking can help turbocharge the way you connect with your financial instructions:

  1. It allows you to keep closer tabs on your account balances so you can be better informed as to where your money is going.
  2. It makes it easier to spot and report any unusual activity on your account.
  3. It lets you receive alerts to help avoid missed payments and possible late fees. In other words, it helps you save.

Take a look at this infographic for more information on mobile banking and why it’s time you jumped on the bandwagon.

Convenient banking infographic by Navy Federal Credit Union

Let’s talk a bit more about the infographic, shall we?

Mobile banking, as mentioned above, has enabled you to have a better look at your account from the bird’s eye view; you can see the whole picture easier, which means that you can make a better decision on your finances.

One of the biggest game changer that a mobile banking can offer you is alerts. It’s so simple, that many often disregard it as important.

We all are forgetful. We need something that can alert and remind us when, say, a payment is due. Alerts – especially those that are available as push notifications – are great in reminding you what’s going on with your account, as well as what you should pay for and when.

According to the research results from the infographic, we can learn that other than transferred and deposited money into the account, people benefit from the account balance alert by actually reduce their spending.

The alert feature keeps yourself check – and help you take action today – not tomorrow.


To recap, mobile banking – and activating the account balance alert via your mobile – can help you in regaining control over your account, and everything that comes with it, namely payment deadlines, account balance and transaction details.

Regaining control means that you can now act on the information provided, typically in term of better control over your spending and less (bad) surprises.

As always, stay safe with your online banking transactions, and make sure you do the necessary security measures to protect your mobile app and device.