3 Cost-Effective Ways to Turbocharge your Sales Online

Your online store is open for business! You’ve got awesome products at great prices and business is fine, but you’re not seeing the kinds of crazy numbers you’d like to. It’s possible to become disillusioned and lose sight of your business targets.

Truthfully, a lift in sales can be accomplished quite easily if you know what you’re doing. What you have to do right now is to start it out with making a few changes to the way you’ve been doing things so far.

Attracting online sales

1. Cast a Wide Net

Being able to reach a large number of people is critical for any sales-focused business. Leveraging social media can only take you so far; you must also cultivate an extensive list of clients you can alert whenever a large sale is coming up, or can target with specific items based on purchase history.

Using a web messaging program from a company like SMSGlobal is an effective way to send out a bulk SMS to your clients. From there, you can monitor who did and didn’t receive the message, responded, or opted out, and tailor your next campaigns accordingly.

2. Delete the Word Buy from Your Copy

When you start browsing sites online, you’re often looking for information, right? If you hate feeling like a site is trying to pressure you into a purchase when you’re just trying to find out a bit more about a specific item, why would you put your customers in the same situation? Remove words like cost, sale, and buy from your copy. Obviously, the goal is still to draw in business, but starting your sales pitch too early might mean the customer loses interest and closes the browser tab.

The first thing you need to do is spark their interest. An easy way to do this is to relate to the problem the customer is facing and precisely how you’re going to solve it for them. This builds trust and confidence in you and that, in turn, leads to sales.

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3. A Good Promo Can Work Wonders

If you find you’re getting decent sales but you aren’t getting many add-ons or selling many accessories, then consider a promo. For example, if a customer purchases a high value item, they get a lower value item for free or at a reduced cost.

Ensure that the promotional item is something that will grab attention and make the customer feel like they’re getting real value for money. You can also create a discount campaign using promotional codes entered on the checkout screen. These are great because they allow you to see where the code came from if you have promotional partners, and that’s more data you can use to your advantage next time.


There’s a lot to be said for trust and credibility when it comes to turbocharging your sales, but you should also be using metrics and data to get a better read on your customer base. That data can tell you all sorts of things about the people who are buying from you and it will help you tailor your business to their needs. In turn, this will inspire confidence in the customer because they can see you’re listening to their feedback.