6 Apps for Small Business Owners on the Move

Today’s business owners can’t spend all day sitting in their offices. The most productive work often happens out in the field. That’s why you need these six apps for small business owners on the move.


Expensify app on Google Play
photo credit: Google Play

Expensify is one of the best apps for creating expense reports on the go. It’s especially useful if you have employees who travel often for their jobs. Some of Expensify’s top features let you:

  • Take pictures of receipts to track expenses.
  • Import expenses from your credit card or bank account.
  • Convert to foreign currencies.

Expensify also integrates with some of the software and apps that you probably already use, including:

  • Excel
  • Dropbox
  • QuickBooks
  • Evernote

If you want to make sure you reimburse employees correctly and have all the information you need to deduct expenses from your tax forms then you should consider adding Expensify to your mobile device.


Official Microsoft Outlook app
photo credit: Google Play

Outlook is an important tool for small businesses that do not want to rely on email services from companies like Google and Yahoo!. With Outlook, you get better security and privacy. You also get to use domains that name your company, which looks much more professional than one that says gmail.com.

With the Outlook app, you get all of those advantages even when you aren’t in the office. It works like Outlook on your desktop computer. You get a built-in calendar, attachments, and folders that help you keep emails in order. If you don’t want to hand over your personal information to Google, you need this app on your phone or tablet. This and other apps look great on phones with bigger displays, not to mention it is easier on the eyes as well. Devices such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 have screens that are 5 inches or larger. Combined with a fast and reliable network, this helps make reading and sending emails easier than ever.


Evernote app
photo credit: Google Play

Evernote is the ultimate app for taking notes, jotting down ideas,  and organizing files. The app has a simple interface that will help you find the notes you need at any given time. It also lets you create unique tags, so you can keep all of your notes, pictures, and Web articles organized. Whether you’re working on a new idea or just creating a to-do list, Evernote will give you quick access to the tools you need.

Square Register

Square Register app
photo credit: Google Play

Today’s consumers expect businesses to accept a wide range of product options. If your business ever sells merchandise and servers outside of your storefront then you need Square Register to accept credit card payments. This is a handy app for companies that sell things at conferences, festivals, and other events. Other benefits of using Square Register are that it:

  • Keeps track of your inventory.
  • Gives you access to Square Analytics.
  • Sends receipts via text or email.
  • Accepts all major credit cards from Canada, Japan, and U.S.

Don’t make the mistake of attending an event without a way to accept credit cards. You’ll lose customers to small businesses that planned ahead.

Microsoft Remote Desktop

Microsoft Remote Desktop
photo credit: Google Play

No matter where work takes you, Microsoft Remote Desktop lets you access the information and software on your office computer. Installing a small application on your computer creates a link between it and your mobile device. That means you can use your smartphone just like you normally use your desktop computer. The app’s features include:

  • A secure connection that protects your data.
  • Video and audio streaming.
  • A management center so you can create different accounts for multiple computers.

With Microsoft Remote Desktop, you never have to worry that you left something important on your office computer.


Basecamp app
photo credit: Google Play

Business trips can interrupt ongoing projects that require several people working together. With Basecamp, you and your team can keep working on projects even if someone has to leave the office for several days. Some of Basecamp’s best features let you:

  • Check projects from your smartphone or tablet.
  • See what each team member contributes.
  • Participate in group discussions online.

Your projects are too important to set aside during travel. Basecamp makes you and your employees more productive at all times.

Do these apps seem like they would help your small business thrive? What other apps have you tried to get work done when you’re out of the office?