How to Make Your Website Your Best Brand Ambassador

Branding has changed significantly over recent years, and marketers have had to learn new rules as they adapt to new technologies. While content and social media branding strategies are essential, your website also plays a key role in your branding. Building a strong brand involves creating a site that enables your brand to differentiate itself from the competition. In order to do this, you should use all the tools and techniques at your disposal.

Apple Watch branding
Apple Watch – featured on’s homepage

Make It Memorable

When people land on your website, one of the most important things to focus on is making sure that they have a memorable experience. This is essential if you are to create successful branding on your site. Being memorable involves various factors, such as the colours, typography and the visuals that you use, which are all things that an experienced design agency like Web Design Melbourne can help with.

As well as your choice of visuals, colours, etc, focus on repeating them throughout your website and other marketing platforms to create consistency. In addition, work on fostering a consistent tone of voice. The language you use should reinforce your personality, whether that is relaxed and informal or professional and formal, and you should maintain this tone of voice in all the new content you create.

Inject Your Personality

Make sure your personality comes through on your website, both through your content and your design elements. Your target audience wants to communicate with real people rather than an anonymous corporate voice, and your voice should come across on your site as well as on your social media platforms and any marketing material you produce.

This helps to define your brand’s character, and you want to make sure that this character is something that your audience would want to associate with.

Make It Clear What You Do

When visitors land on your website, they will spend the first few seconds deciding what you do and what type of business you are. One of the first things that you want them to see is your logo, and you should place this at the top left of the site, which is the first place visitors tend to look. Make sure it is large enough to be noticeable and draw the eye.

Near to this, you may want to provide a value proposition. Use a short statement displayed clearly, and focus on a benefit that you provide. Try to encapsulate what you do and why visitors should use you, and you may find that this can help visitors to decide instantly whether they are in the right place.

HubSpot and their blogs
HubSpot has 7 marketing-related blogs to date

Provide Valuable Content

The content on your website should be valuable, which means content that helps your audience in some way. When devising topics for your blog, make sure you focus on the needs and wants of your audience so that you can attract and engage them.

Your brand will in part be defined by the content that you publish, whether on your site or on other online platforms, so spend the time needed to focus on generating unique content and ensuring a consistent tone of voice.

Be Different

The most important factor of all when it comes to website branding is to stand out from the crowd. You want to come across as unique from your competitors in order to be memorable, and you do not want to end up looking like all the other websites in your niche. So put in the extra work to make sure you create a unique brand through the design of your site that people will remember and come back to.

It is the same with your content, which you want to stand out. By making sure that your content is something that only you could produce, you will make it more unique and therefore more shareable across the web and social channels, which is exactly what you want.

Make Your Website Work for You

These are all ways that you can help to make sure your website stands out and becomes your brand ambassador. Your website is your primary marketing and sales tool online, so make sure you put in the time and effort to getting it right. It should enforce your branding, clarify what you do and encourage visitors to return again. The design elements and content that you use should all work together to create something unique to your brand, so make sure your website is doing everything to help you differentiate your brand from all the others.