The Best Methods to Protect Your Business

When your business is your livelihood, it’s understandable that you’d want to explore all of the possible options available to you to protect it.

The world has changed a lot over the last couple of decades though. Physical walls and boundaries aren’t the only means to stop trespassers anymore. Given that so much of our important data is now digitised, we also have to consider our cyber security strategies.

No trespassing sign
photo credit: Tony Webster / Flickr

Barriers and Fencing

One of the first means of defence you may consider is erecting a physical boundary. This provides a much needed barrier for businesses that handle large volumes of cash as well as companies who deal in critical national infrastructure. This not only provides protection, but its presence also acts as a deterrent in itself.

Using steel palisade fencing like those found at Paramesh Deco is considered the most secure. This is because it uses a pointed spike type design that deters any would-be trespassers from thinking of scaling the boundary.

Many suppliers offer this fencing either manufactured for self-assembly or supplied in the form of a ready-made welded panel for faster installation. The fencing can be manufactured to meet site specifications, with customisable options relating to the horizontal rails needed for your design.

CCTV Cameras

Installing closed-circuit television cameras, commonly referred to as CCTV cameras, are perhaps the simplest way of proving a high-quality security system for a business. Like physical barriers their visible presence often acts as a deterrent to potential thieves, but they also offer real-time updates on the safety of your premises.

Technology has vastly improved over the last few years, too, so you can expect clear, high-resolution video feeds rather than the grainy black and white images you might have seen in the past. This helps a lot when it comes to reviewing video feeds for investigation purposes.

Not only transformed technologically, CCTV cameras installation has also transformed, service-wise. As the majority of suppliers can offer an installation team, the set-up process, even for multiple cameras targeting all potential blind spots, is often quick and simple.

photo credit: Brian Klug

Cyber Security

Finally, in order to fully protect your business against potential trespassers, you also have to consider cyber security. This refers to both the computing network that connects all of the systems in your company, as well the individual devices themselves. Because of the critical information often stored on office computers, this makes them an attractive target for the growing market known as cyber crime.

For those working on a budget, don’t waste resources encrypting every file that passes through your business. Instead, focus your efforts on the documents that do contain information that is critical to your company.

It’s also important that your employees get into the habit of regularly changing their passwords. Poor password security is one of the biggest issues facing SMBs right now.


As important as the security of your business may be to you, you have to also make sure that you are abiding by the law at all times. Making sure you’re up to date with current trespassing laws and regulations will help you to see what parts of business security you need to focus on.