Is it Time You Hired A Virtual CFO?

You may have decided to take the plunge into starting your own business. Though it has been a while coming, you wanted to cover all the essentials before jumping into going it alone. You’ve done your research, written your business plan and designed your products and services. The only thing you may have forgotten is how to move your business forward.

The murky waters of financial management can leave your business stagnating or even drowning in the wrong hands. If you can’t seem to balance the books, however much you call on your accountant, have you thought that it may be time to get yourself a virtual CFO? The benefits of a contractual senior financial officer may just be the healing balm that rights your business growth. Consider some of these benefits.

Virtual CFO

Keeping up-to-date financial reports

With the day to day running of the business at times being really busy, bookkeeping may get relegated to the side. This can cause incomplete financial reports that will have an adverse effect on your business outlook. Having a virtual CFO to manage your books on a regular basis will keep you in the know of how your business finances are.

Enhancing growth

When your financial records are kept in check, the room is created to assess business potential and chart a way forward for business growth. Your virtual CFO enables your business to maximise on its financial capabilities thus creating room for growth. Working with your in-house financial team or bookkeeper, A virtual CFO can bring on board a fresh perspective based on the experience gained from working with different financial scenarios.

Preparing for the future

With growth comes the need to keep an eye on the future and your virtual CFO does just that. They can keep an eye on your finances based on the current and future trends. At the same time, they can work on projecting any future needs and how to meet them.

Proper financial management enables you to plan for these business needs before they occur lessening the burden when they do occur. With these benefits comes significant advantages that will give you a good reason to hire a virtual CFO.


As a small or medium size enterprise, it defies business logic to have fully employed CFO. This is because the business would not be able to afford it. To be able to grow, high-level financial expertise is needed though. So what’s the solution? This is where the virtual CFO comes in. Being available on-demand means that you only pay for the time utilised in your service.

Financial management expertise


Working in the financial industry with different clientele gives a virtual CFO an edge over one committed to one company only. This is because of the exposure they get in their line of service. They can bring this expertise to the table, giving you an unbridled outlook of your business finances. This enables you to harness your business potential and to grow with sound financial advice backing you up.

Pinpoint professionalism

With expertise comes professionalism hard to beat. Companies that offer virtual financial management services pride themselves in the work they do. They provide you with advice and services specific to the task at hand, and also seek to outdo themselves in the service they offer in the competitive world, making certain of positive results to your firm. This makes them an invaluable resource to small and medium size enterprises that you should have within your grasp.

How else could you receive sound financial advice without employing a full time CFO?