4 Things a Warehouse Storage Specialist Can Help With

Stop what you are doing and picture your warehouse or office storage space. Are the walkways cluttered with boxes, spare products or general warehouse bric-a-brac? Do your shelves look like a strong gust of wind would be the end of them? While you could spend your day praying that strong gust never arrives, another option may be to call in the big guns. Yes, warehouse storage specialists are a thing, and yes, they can work absolute wonders on your storage area.

Warehouse storage specialist

1. Choosing the Right Storage Solution

It would be nice if you could just ask for racking in your warehouse and have it magically appear. Not only appear though – it would need to be the right sort for your area. Unfortunately, life is rarely that simple and the racking fairies retired a very long time ago. Enter a storage specialist. When you phone in someone from a dedicated storage company like Elbowroom, you are putting your trust in a person who has made pallet racking their life – they know the pros and cons of double deep, drive-in, narrow aisle racking and more (and if you aren’t sure what any of these are, check out this URL). When you get their advice, you know that you are much more likely to end up with a solution that is practical and suits your needs.

2. Walkways You Can Walk Through

Despite the attachment you may feel for that obstacle course you call a walkway, there’s some bad news. Every time you or an employee has to scramble or squeeze past objects is an opportunity for injury. An expert warehouse storage person will know just how to get things off the floor, out of the way and looking spick and span. You’ll be sweeping an empty corridor in no time.

3. Injury Prevention

Everyone seems to love watching those warehouse disaster videos where one tiny bump sets off a massive chain reaction, and eventually the entire joint is in a shambles. Stock everywhere, money down the drain, and one very sheepish-looking employee. Of course, this is usually a best-case-scenario when it comes to warehouse shelving accidents. These sorts of catastrophes have the potential to damage much more than products. By enlisting the help of a qualified professional for tasks such as safety audits, repairs, correct installations, pedestrian barriers and rack guards and guides, you are dramatically reducing the chances of being known for all the wrong reasons.


4. Productivity Hacks

Everyone loves a good time-saver right? The good thing about working alongside a person who knows everything there is to know about storage is that they also tend to have an understanding of what you can do to access stock in those systems quickly and easily. And the more quickly and easily you can access the things you are storing, the less time you spend moving stock. And the less time you spend moving stock, the more time you have for other things…like sweeping your lovely open walkways!

Of course, if the praying-for-no-wind method is more your cup of tea, you can stick with that. But if you like the idea of taking action and moving toward a neater, safer, more productive warehouse, then it may just be time to call in reinforcements!