3 Things Successful Entrepreneurs Have in Common

There are a lot of different factors that can come into play when determining whether or not an entrepreneur will be successful. So many of these factors are beyond the person’s control, and it can feel like the decision is out of your hands. However, there are some things that all entrepreneurs have in common, and they can play a large role when determining their success.

If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, make sure you have the following three traits to give yourself the best shot.

Successful entrepreneur

1. Passion

An entrepreneur without passion is doomed from the start. When you are starting up your own business, there is going to come a time when things get tough. You are going to want to give up, and you are going to wonder why you even bothered to try this endeavor. When this time comes, it is your passion that will help get you through it.

Having a strong passion for what you are doing will carry you through those rough days, and it will keep you focused. Take Jenny Ta for example (have you seen her company Sqeeqee.com?) In an interview with The Huffington Post she stated “I have a passion to innovate, seeing a business from the ground up. Seeing the growth, the wealth that I am able to build that would benefit a number of my staff and team members.” It is this passion that drives her to continually grow her business, and make it the best it can be.

Before you start any new entrepreneurial adventure, be sure there is a strong passion for it at the base. Without this, you’ll quickly find a reason to give up and move on.

2. Desire To Learn

A strong desire to learn can be what separates a good entrepreneur from a bad one. To be an entrepreneur, you must always be looking for better ways to do things, and new things that you can learn that will enhance your business. Your competitors will be doing this, and if you fail to do so, you’ll quickly find your business going by the wayside.

A learning female business owner
photo credit: Viewminder / Flickr

The most successful entrepreneurs in the world are constantly learning, even if it has nothing to do with their business at the outset. You have no idea what skills or information will come into play, so casting a wide net is not a bad idea. And if even you don’t use a skill that you learned, you are still developing a learning habit, which will make learning more in the future easier.

3. Organized

As the leader of a business, you are going to have a lot on your plate. If you are not organized, things will quickly get overwhelming. The best entrepreneurs have systems in place that help to keep everything organized, so that they can keep their company running at full capacity. If you are not an organized person, you may find it helpful to hire someone to manage this aspect of it for you.

No matter how you choose to go about it, just find a system that works for you, then stick to it. You don’t want a business to fail simply because you couldn’t keep everything straight.

Now over to you!

And there you have it, 3 things that successful entrepreneurs have in common. As we said, there are many things that go into making a good entrepreneur, but these are three of the most basic. If you can start with the three things mentioned above, then you are putting your business in the best starting position to succeed.

So, now over to you: Please name one thing that you want to add to the small list above, and why is it important for an entrepreneur to have for achieving success.