What to Consider when Choosing a Supplier for your Business

The importance of having the right supplier for your business cannot be understated. Not only are you more often than not reliant on being given a quality product on time, the simple truth is that without these goods your business cannot function. This is even more significant if you’re in the business of selling certain these goods on, or using them for manufacture.

So how can you ensure you find the right supplier that won’t let you down? How can you be confident you’re getting a good deal? Here we’ve detailed the different aspects you need to consider when selecting a supplier, to put your business on the right path to problem-free success.

Choosing wine supplier

What Prices and Deals are On Offer?

Don’t be fooled into thinking that the cheapest option is always the best. The likelihood is that the cheapest supplier could well be offering the lowest quality product. If this is the case, there’s also the increased likelihood that the products you make could end up as equally poor in quality, or you may struggle to them sell them on.

Aim for something in the middle of the top and low price brackets but still see what you can get as a part of the deal, if indeed there are any extras on offer. This may be where you need to use your bartering skills.

Are there Any Added Extras?

There’s the old saying that ‘if you don’t ask you’ll never know’ and you need to remember that these suppliers are trying to get your business too, so enquire about any added extras. The nature of these extras can be wide ranging and cover everything from free delivery on bulk orders to additional sales support packages, such as the post-sales support that Packnet offers.

Are they Reliable?

A great way to decide whether or not a supplier is worth their salt is to look at their history and find out what their existing customers think about their level of service. Honest and frank testimony from their current clients is a trustworthy source and you can use this to inform your decision.

Reliable vegetable supplier
photo credit: U.S. Department of Agriculture / Flickr

Are they in it for the Long Run?

On top of this, another important point to consider is whether or not the supplier will be around for a while. One of the best indicators for this is how long they’ve been operating up to now, obviously if it’s longer it would suggest they have a solid business plan that can last.

Where are they Located?

Lastly, you need to think about how far away the supplier is to your business. Needless to say but the further they are, the longer it will take for your goods to arrive and potentially they will cost much more to get delivered. If you can choose a firm in the local area or failing that in the same country at least.

So, be sure to take this on board when making your decisions and soon you could find something suitable for your business’ needs.