8 Educational Startup Companies you Should Know About

There are countless educational startup companies out there today that are making a splash in the world of education. These companies and programs are changing the way people think about modern-day education. Basically everything can be completed online now, including completing a full college education and earning your degree. Here are some of the top education startup companies over recent years that are truly making their mark.

Online learning


Rafter is a wonderful startup educational company that basically offers course materials and e-textbooks that are cloud-based. This company is great because they help bookstores on different campuses keep their prices low by offering digital options for their merchandise and products. This is helpful for students because their materials for courses are lower in cost. It is also highly beneficial to schools too because the revenues in stores are higher. This company is pretty new and its current customers include: Thomas More College, University of Hawaii, and North Carolina State University.


InsideTrack screenshot

InsideTrack is basically an online tutoring service. This company offers their services to colleges and universities around the world, giving students everywhere coaching that they need in particular areas. This company helps different universities figure out if they are fully equipped technology-wise to measure the progress of their students. This startup company is brilliant, in that it does two key things that schools need: It helps and assists students when it comes to learning efficiently, and it helps different universities and colleges manage their technology in a great way.


Unplag service is a successful startup company. This company provides a plagiarism detector that can detect copied text by scanning materials in numerous formats after they are downloaded. In just four seconds per page, you can detect if you or someone else has committed the crime of plagiarism, which is basically when you copy the words of someone else without sourcing that person. This company allows you to check numerous documents simultaneously, making things simple for you. Especially if you are scanning a 60-page document. The great thing about Unplag is that it does not require you to install anything. You just need connection to the Internet and you can enjoy all it has to offer you.


TutorGroup screenshot

TutorGroup is another startup company that has caused quite a fuss in the education industry. This company is said to be one of the largest global English learning institutions. TutorGroup has over 2,000 different teachers who focus on different areas of study. These teachers have the ability to reach and teach up to five million sessions, annually. The startup company even recently started another expansion of its company called TutorMing, which teaches Mandarin Chinese to those who speak English.


Piazza is a clever startup educational company that provides an online learning setting to students, worldwide. The study rooms are laid back and allow students to ask their educational questions in an anonymous way. Students can ask the questions to both teachers and other students as well. Those who provide the greatest answers will have their responses placed on top through repeated user endorsement. This company currently provides services to prestigious schools like Princeton and Stanford. This speaks volume for the quality of help and assistance Piazza provides to users.


USEED is an incredible program that gives schools a way to fundraise. Throughout college and even after, you continue to receive requests to make donations for different projects the school or university is raising for. This gives those who do want to donate a perfect way to do so, and it helps eliminate sending redundant messages and emails to those who are not interested in making donations. This program targets alumni from colleges and universities.

Course Hero

CourseHero screenshot

Course Hero is a source on the Internet that gives students all of the tools they need to succeed in the classroom. You can find notes for class, flash cards, past exams, services that offer tutoring for numerous subjects, and study guides. This company is not even a decade old, so we are still considering it as a startup educational company, but they already have over five million students who are actively using the resources offered by Course Hero. That’s a pretty incredible outcome for any company.


Kaltura is a company that offers tons of software services to K-12 educators all the way to universities. If you desire to get your students engaged in multimedia content, then this is a great startup educational company to check out. It allows schools to create and develop their own “Tube” where they can create assignments with videos, video courses, presentations through PowerPoint, and much more.

All of these educational startup companies offer something different to help further the education of students who are eager to learn more all over the world. Each offers something unique and it would be worth checking them out to see if they work for you.