6 Ways VPS Hosting can Benefit your Business

When it comes to hosting solutions for business, many businesses are still unsure about the different hosting options that are available and understanding how the different types can benefit their business needs. Businesses are used to the idea about needing physical dedicated servers or shared hosting servers.  However, there is one more option that you should consider: Virtual private servers (also known as VPS.) It is another web content serving solution that can potentially aid the productivity of businesses. Furthermore, it may even suit the business as a permanent solution.

Let’s take a look at the benefits that VPS hosting has to offer businesses and how they can leverage this type of server solution for their web content or operational needs.

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1. VPS servers can offer a similar performance to dedicated servers

The clever use of virtualization technologies allows VPS servers to perform like physical dedicated servers. From the flexibility and control to the isolation of your content to the additional security features, this hosting solution can give your web business the additional boost that it is after.

2. VPS servers can save money

The infrastructure design is clever as the software that is setup on one server creates several virtual machines on the server. Due to the scalability and the reduction in infrastructure costs, the savings are then passed onto the consumer. This makes the virtual private servers much cheaper than having the equivalent physical dedicated servers.

3. You can get a faster performance

VPS hosting solutions such as SSD VPS hosting can offer faster loading times for your web content compared to a shared hosting solution. The faster loading times is better for web users that are visiting and engaging with your website. Additionally, the faster performance may also help with any SEO efforts for your website content as Google has stated that page loading times are a ranking signal factor that they consider.

VPS servers
photo credit: Tom Raftery / Flickr

4. Access to customer service

If you aren’t tech savvy, then you will need to have access to someone that can help you if there is any trouble with your web content or anything on the server. When you invest in a VPS server, the hosting company should always have a technical manager that will help with any server issues or additional configurations that you may require.

5. Security

You want to ensure that the security of your hosted content is protected from any malicious activity such as malware, hacking or viruses. Additionally, the protection of sensitive data from your business or your web content’s users. Typically with a virtual private server, the hosting company will offer a higher level of security where the content that you will host will be stored on the equivalent of a dedicated server, meaning that all of the security configurations can be customised for your web content needs.

6. Achieve an added level of control and flexibility

Compared to having a shared hosting solution, a VPS solution allows you to have complete control over your web presence. With a VPS system, you are able to manage the virtual environment through a web based control panel in the same way that you would do if you were managing a physical dedicated server. Additionally, you will have the flexibility in choosing the operating system and making configurations to install compatible third-party software systems.

Things to consider before investing in a virtual private server

VPS servers are great, but you will need to make sure that the software that you plan to run on the servers will be compatible. There are some software license agreements that prevent their software or applications being run on a virtual platform. Additionally, some of these licenses may enforce the need for a physical server. Make sure to check before going ahead with the investment.


Virtual private servers are continuing to increase in their popularity due to the many benefits that they offer. For businesses that want a step up from a shared hosting solution, then a VPS solution is an ideal and inexpensive step for a more secure and flexible web hosting solution.