9 Traits That Make Introverts More Productive than Extroverts

To be clear, introvert doesn’t equal shy like a lot of people think. Introverts are people who just appreciate time inside their head more than the gregarious extroverts of the world do. While the two labels are often lumped together, you don’t have to fear human interaction to fall into this very “productive” personality type.

Introverts may not have the wild and crazy, high-energy social graces of their more gregarious counterparts, but get a load of this: At least 3/4 of all people with IQ’s over 160 are introverts! That’s not junk science either, but a fact that’s been proven over and over again. As the IQ scale to intelligence scores above 170 and 180, so too does the likelihood that person will have a proclivity for solitude (learn more about introversion and intelligence).

Of course, this post is all about how being an introvert usually leads to a more productive work and personal life, so let’s move on after giving yourself a good long pat on the back for being so darned-tootin smart!

Image Credit: Hartwig HD/Flickr
Image Credit: Hartwig HD/Flickr

Let’s see what makes introverts so efficient at getting things done:

1. Introverts are born creative

Most introverts have lived a life filled with introspection into their own thoughts and feelings. This translates into an improved ability to conceptualize and come up with new ideas, to put those ideas to paper, and the ability to predict potential road-blocks to those ideas before they show themselves.

2. Introverts are purposeful and often direct

And less afraid to say no, since they value their personal time so much. Being an introvert does come with its challenges when it comes to just spontaneously diving in to things when it comes to having fun. However, when it comes to work, if they bring their flavor of approaching tasks with purposeful thought and care, they can use this asset to make a better plan of attack than the more impulsive extroverts around them, thus getting more done in less time.

3. Introverts are more efficient communicators

Introverts tend to plan their communication with others with more care. They’ll spend time considering what they’ll say, how they’ll say it, and will consider several different ways to get their message across before settling on one. They take how they’re perceived very seriously too, meaning they care more about the type of impression they’re making when sending an email, talking to a coworker or client, even speaking in front of a crowd. Introverts almost always strive for clarity in everything they say, and expect the same of those around them.

4. Introverts overlook less of the important details

Introverts don’t like playing catch-up or damage control. They’d rather hash out all the details before they start and go over everything thoroughly before calling a project “completed”. Because of this, they miss less details and have less of their work sent back for revisions.

5. Introverts don’t need to rely on others

While introverts are less likely to jump into a life-changing move or adventure than the more impulsive extrovert, they do love to jump into projects that don’t require them to wait on other people to get done. They relish in the fact that it’s up to them to take care of all the details, and can put everything together faster than others who tend to rely on having a team around them for task completion.

6. Introverts understand how to recharge before they crash

Introverts realize that you can’t go 100 miles an hour all day long. They like to step back away from what’s going on to let their brain and body get back in sync, typically using a sort of meditative introspection to review their day (or life in general) or by taking a total step back to enjoy a hobby. They’ll take a quick mental siesta and come back ready to tackle almost anything while the extroverts around them are still scurrying around trying to catch up with what they need to get done.

Image Credit: paul bica/Flickr
Image Credit: paul bica/Flickr

7. Introverts tend to have less misunderstandings with people

They’re so meticulous about their communication with others, that they tend to have less understandings with people. Be it a conference with an important client or a meeting with coworkers, they tend to see what’s going on with everyone around them and just have a way of earning everyone’s respect.

8. Introverts maintain focus when needed

They like to see everything through and check things off the to-do list, before taking a break or calling it a day. They’re the ship Captain that stays the course and strive to be always making headway in their goals. Some) Extroverts fill their time with chit-chat and playing Angry Birds on their smartphone (kidding — well, sort of!)

9. Introverts are consummate planners

To the point it can drive everyone in their life crazy! From planning every last detail of a camping trip, to figuring out every lane and street change to be taken during a road trip. They drive people in their personal lives crazy, but once everything’s all said and done, friends, family and coworkers all appreciate the forethought they put into everything they do; people that spend time around introverts value the lost hours, mistakes and aggravation they often save because of this trait.

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