Office Furnishings: Perception is Reality

If pictures can tell a thousand words, then the furnishings in and around your office can narrate your brand’s story. In a world where impressions are everything, office furnishings play an equal part in building an organization’s portfolio. The right office furnishings can improve focus, boost morale, motivate, spur productivity and increase the quality of work for the business.

A positive workspace encourages optimism!

All businesses want to increase the quality and quantity of work that is delivered through the business. The ideal way to bring this positive energy into your organisation is by creating an inspiring working interior with furniture and an interesting design theme. Some of the world’s largest companies like Google and Apple have their office furnishings as a key element that drives their web business’s success.

Google conference room, Chelsea market, NY
photo credit: Marcin Wichary / Flickr

Australian businesses are likely to prosper should they develop positive environments that boost employee morale and motive. Businesses like Google pay attention to this and invest heavily in the designs and environment that will inspire their workers and visitors. If Australian businesses have been seeking a quick answer to creating an X factor within their organisation, then an interior design overhaul is one of the answers that they would have been looking for.

The impact on health in the working environment

In every workplace, there will be situations that will add to the stress and intensity. Organisations should seek to minimise the amount of pressure and stress that can be experienced by workers. The impact on the mental health of the organisation’s employees may not only make the organisation suffer in terms of productivity, but may also force the business to divert resources to managing the issues that are contributing to the health issues within the business.

Clean minimalistic office design

Rather than investing in medical treatments that can rise exponentially with each employee, positive changes to the working environment may minimise stress by impacting the morale of employees. It is simple measures like these that can avoid a mental health crisis that could affect your organisation.

The furniture’s impact on the brand image and experience

Many people don’t understand the value of a brand experience and how it actually adds value to their business. Yet people talk about brands that are powerful all of the time. There is a gap between understanding the value of the overall customer experience and interaction for the business. If the business is serious about transforming their image and transcending their business from a commodity product or service offering to a brand that projects credibility and value to potential customers, then the furnishings and details that will impact the customer experience will be of utmost importance.

Envato office
photo credit: Envato / Flickr

Transcending the brand image means that the brand will encourage people to feel a sense of belonging. Investing in stylish and modern office furniture such as office chairs that are ergonometric and stylish, desks that encourage a minimalistic design and a nice visual appeal and storage areas that serve the functional purpose, but that is also visually appealing on the eyes.

An investment in the finer details is a simple yet effective way to empower the business. Furthermore, it is a great way for businesses to positively initiate their brand differentiation that will add to their overall perceived brand value. Once this is successfully achieved, the business should notice an increase in opportunities as their interior serves to inspire both customers and workers alike.

A positive environment creates a positive wellbeing. It is good for the business as an internal and external brand factor. Commit to enhancing the brand and recognise the value that can be gained from achieving this for the business. Prosper through your environment. Perception is reality!