Four Ways to Bring Your Team Together

Teamwork is extremely important in any business – it is difficult to get anything done if people can’t or won’t work together in a constructive manner. Working as a team will create a synergistic effect whereby everyone will be more productive and efficient, and it usually also means everyone has a lot more fun at work as well. If you think you might need some strategies to help bring your team closer together, you can try reaching out to professional motivators such as Predictable Success – if you want to try and go it alone first, here are four methods you might want to try out.

High five between colleagues

Team Bonding Exercises

Team building games may seem cheesy, and they can be, if they are approached in the wrong way. However, when they are constructed thoughtfully and with care, they can really bring collaboration to the fore and will allow your team to engage with each other in new and different ways. These can even take place outside of the workplace, so don’t be afraid to use your imagination!

Brainstorming Sessions

Brainstorming sessions mean your team will be able to bounce ideas and learn new things from each other in a structured manner. These kinds of sessions will also allow you to identify each individual’s strengths and weaknesses, and use these to everyone’s advantage. After a number of these, you might even find that your team will conduct these kinds of sessions of their own accord.

Peer Recognition

Recognition between peers is one of the most effective ways to bring your employees together. It does away with the mentality that any one person is better at their job than anyone else, as different people bring different attributes and experiences to each position. Getting your team to acknowledge each other’s successes also builds a culture of respect and possibly even friendship, and this will definitely bring your team closer together.

Collaboration among team members

Job Swaps

The greatest barrier to building and maintaining great team spirit is often frustration amongst colleagues. One of the best ways to resolve these feelings is to have a job swap day every month, so that each employee appreciates and experiences the demands of other roles in their team. This will also allow everyone to pick up new skills and possibly integrate them into their current roles.

Such strategies can be implemented at almost any stage of your team’s development, but they will be more effective the earlier they are put into action. Depending on the make-up of your team, you might have to adjust some of your approaches accordingly, and definitely ask for feedback along the way – there is no point in continuing with an ineffective strategy.


As a leader, what are some strategies you have used to try and bring your team together? Which ones were more effective and why? Alternatively, as an employee, what are some of your suggestions when it comes to team building or trying to get a team closer together? Leave your thoughts, experiences and advice in the comments section below.