Exactly How I Got my Local Business Top of Google with 90 Minutes Effort

82% of the clients we have acquired in the last year have been lied to by other SEO agencies.

Why is that OK?

In other industries it’s fraud.

Is SEO dead?

This and several other home-truths about the search industry prompted us to create an agency that focuses on results, education and one that spends 100% of their time only doing SEO.

To that end we’re constantly showing clients how they can help themselves, how we can dovetail together to achieve their goals and this is how we believe SEO should be.

Why my agency dominates locally

We’re number 1 on Google UK for every location within 50 miles of our HQ with less than 90 minutes effort per location.

We do this using a method other agencies would (once again) lie to you about, they’d tell you it doesn’t work, they’d tell you its “black hat” or some other “fluff”.

It really isn’t.

The problem is they just don’t understand how to make it work for them.

What I’m going to tell you will make you rank locally, it will transform your way of thinking about SEO, as you’ve probably been discounting this method of link building for some time because others have told you it doesn’t work.

All I can say is this method of link building is the ONLY thing we do to rank locally and it’s all you need to do to achieve the same.

It’s really simple, here’s how

What we’re doing is comment links, yes, plain old simple, frowned upon and certainly don’t work comment links.

Trust me, follow my methods, it will work.

The first thing you need is to build a list of “victims”; actually “targets” is a bit nicer.

What you’re looking to achieve here is relevancy to your location, for example we’re based in Northampton in the UK and sell SEO so we’re looking for stuff relevant to that.

Using a search string like this will help you find targets:

site:.co.uk “northampton” + “powered by disqus”

This tells Google to find websites that talk about Northampton, are UK domains and have a comment tool called Disqus installed on their website, which is really easy to use.

The most important part here is the relevancy to the location and this is the ‘golden egg’ that will in turn get you rankings.

You can replace the location, domain or comment plugin with anything that’s more relevant to you or to expand the search when you’ve exhausted those options.

That search will give you a cracking list of prospects, probably several thousand websites.

The key here then is speed and efficiency.

Local SEO

90 minutes to local domination

The next step is opening up in 10-20 tab batches, CTRL + C the URL target of your choice (the one you want to link to).

Open up the tabs and paste the URL in the comment field straight away and click submit, without leaving a comment.

If this goes for moderation, leave, close the tab and discount it. Move on.

It’s about 50/50 in my experience, those that have moderation versus those who don’t.

When you get one that accepts the link (note you’ll need to type a random letter or number after the link as you can’t duplicate the comment in quick succession – that would be spam! #lols).

Simply edit the comment, write something concise, well written and relevant to the topic and move on.

As an example, we do a lot of this about Google updates, so I’ll say something like “how is this effected based on the current algorithm changes?”.

Most of the time that will be relevant to the topic in hand and show you understand the subject, find something similar in your market to use, as it will speed up your process.

Rinse and repeat.

A quick tip would be to leave comments without links around 25% of the time otherwise you’ll be marked as spam too much and you’ll have to create a new account, on Disqus anyway.

To follow that, when you leave a link, do it in the form of a ‘signature’ – like on your email – these are far easier on the eye and less ‘spammy’ to moderators if they check.

SEO Culture Vultures

The problem many of us have is we’re bombarded with ‘tips’ or ‘techniques’ and we’re told are the way to go by SEO experts who control the top 0.01% of companies around the world, they’re in a position of luxury where SEO pretty much takes care of itself.

99.99% of us have to do some level of manipulation to achieve results for ourselves and clients, this is how you can do that locally for those who don’t have million pound budgets, this is how you can grow your business online.

One final take-away, don’t build 1,000 automated comment links to a page and none to the other pages on the website, spread them out but focus location comments to location landing pages.

For me manually doing this process makes it grey hat, automating it is a no-go, results also back that up.

Let me know how you get on in the comments below.