Marketing Ideas for the Upcoming Holiday Season

With the holiday season closing in, it’s time to vamp up your marketing strategies and take advantage of the hordes of shoppers prepared to pay for your product or services. It’s never too early to begin planning, so take note of these amazing marketing techniques and make this holiday season the most profitable yet.

Christmas decorations in London

Deck the Halls…

…Of your social media website. Since Facebook pages and Twitter accounts may serve as the storefront of your business in light of our modern and technology-laden age, they deserve to be decorated as such.

Change your cover photo to a holiday-themed picture, put a tinge of holiday spirit into your logo for the month, and keep your brand relevant as the present-buying season comes into full swing. This will give your company a more personal feel and endear customers to your brand.

Start Early with Campaigns

If your product or service is a season-specific one, especially if it falls during the holiday season, your best bet is to start your marketing early. Waiting until last minute can hurt you as there are high levels of competition.

While Tipsy Elves has expanded their product line, their main selling point is still marketing the world’s ugliest Christmas sweaters. Because their product is Christmas-related, starting their marketing campaigns early is a way to gain the upper hand on heavy seasonal competition. Many companies with Christmas-related deals implement marketing before Halloween even hits, meaning now is the time to start getting your name out there.

Customer Correspondence

Keep your company in the minds of previous customers and spread good cheer with a company holiday card. Express your best holiday sentiments and keep your name in consumers’ minds at the same time.

Whether you choose to send postcards straight to customers’ mailboxes or decide to embrace the trend of e-cards, add a coupon code and further entice the recipients to utilize your service or purchase your product. Emphasize the coupon as a gift from your company to really meld with the holiday spirit. If you send emails to customers about upcoming deals, be sure to make it all count in one email. Repeated messages and constant inundation of their inbox could actually alienate you from what would have been loyal customers.

Christmas giveaway

Holiday Giveaway

Run promotions that offer a free giveaway prize. An easy avenue to do this through? Facebook and Twitter, of course.

Tell customers that sharing your page or liking a status will enter their name into a giveaway raffle. Put together a holiday gift basket containing some of your most popular items, or offer a free session of your service depending on your business offerings and watch your social media presence spread like wildfire. Choose a winner right before Christmas hits, and do a post congratulating the name selected. This follow-through will reflect wonderfully on your company, and guarantee you a loyal customer for life. Plus, those who lost the raffle will come back to try their luck at your next offer.

Get Charitable

Instead of spending money on wasted gift baskets for clients that receive too many as it is, put your allocated gift money towards charitable causes. Find a charity you really care about, and donate your sum to make an actual difference this holiday season.

Send out a press release detailing your plan, and deliver postcards or emails to customers to let them know about your chosen charity and spread the word. This may inspire them to donate their time or money to the cause, and will solidify your place as a community-boosting business. This can help rebrand your image and strengthen your relationships with local consumers.

Hold a Holiday Party

Why not have a little fun while marketing your product or service? Throw a themed shindig that will allow clients to mingle and keep your company name in mind.

Outfit your decorations and holiday swag with your name. Give out gift bags with a sample of your product or a coupon for a reduced price service at the end of the night. A holiday party will run double-duty; it can also serve as a well-deserved reward for hardworking employees, and everyone knows happy employees make for more efficient and successful workplaces.

The holiday months offer a variety of ways for your company to improve its image and profits simultaneously. Holiday parties, revamped customer correspondence, and a revamped brand can help you keep up with and even surpass the competition.