Ways Technology is Changing Marketing

Marketing is an ever-evolving field. The influence of modern technology on marketing goes beyond the simple choice of which platform to use.

In today’s fast-paced world, mobile marketing is more important than ever. Social media continues to influence many companies’ marketing strategies. Marketing companies and advertising agencies continue to innovate, bringing new dimensions to the field.

Social media marketing

Marketing in the Modern Business World

All young companies should pay attention to new advances in marketing. Whether a company is marketing to the local community or worldwide, a tech-focused digital marketing campaign can help to spread brand awareness and convert impressions to sales.

Evan Starkman is the CEO of The Bait Shoppe, a marketing company based in New York City. His company makes use of technology in new and interesting ways. The Bait Shoppe has created campaigns for Old Navy, Sheraton, and Lyft, among other major corporations. He shares his knowledge of technology and marketing.

Innovations in Marketing

Throughout modern media history, every new advance in technology has been met with innovations in marketing. First came print campaigns, then radio, and then television. Online advertising followed in the 1990s. Marketing has played an important role in the rise of various industries, especially in retail and services.

The goal of marketing campaigns is to make the product a household name, associating the product with quality service. The most exciting marketing campaigns combine more than one form of media to make a calculated approach. Twitter and other social media sites are a good barometer of how much exposure a company has received.

Contests, giveaways, and special events are often overlooked in the world of marketing, but Evan Starkman believes that they can be important parts of a company’s strategy. Social media, especially Twitter, can quickly spread the word about a contest, engaging as many people as possible. Entering in a contest also gives the brand the opportunity to send targeted SMS or email messages directly to the consumer, whether the messages have an opt-in or opt-out.

Mobile advertising

Targeting a Message

Technology changes marketing not only for the company, but also for the consumer. Consumers are reachable by various forms of social media, or by traditional digital advertising, depending on their age and level of technology engagement.

Reaching different age groups can be easy when companies rely on the right social media site. People who are 30 and older tend to use Facebook, while people under 30 use Instagram. Twitter has become a service that reaches all ages. The youngest consumers are easiest to reach on Snapchat, where branded stories give the consumer a snippet of information about the brand.

Competing for Ad Dollars

As social media advertising has grown, the digital advertising market has shrunk. People are accustomed to ignoring banner and pop-up ads, and many browsers offer built-in pop-up blockers. Marketing companies need to find ways around these restrictions in order to reach their preferred consumers.

As technology continues to grow, more innovative marketing techniques will follow. The rise in virtual reality may lead to 3-D, immersive advertising. The prevalence of smart speaker systems may allow ads to be played during consumers’ at-home routines. As more people watch streaming TV and listen to music online, they will become targets for advertising in these venues.

Marketing companies are continually searching for ways to make their products stand out in a crowd. The use of technology can lead to unique, memorable ads and campaigns that will help to make a name for these companies. Evan Starkman encourages new businesses to look into social media advertising and giveaways to bring themselves more exposure and success.