Want To Recruit Top Talent? Use These Tips To Build A Stellar Team

Whether you run a startup or a major corporation, building a top-notch team is always high on the priority list. But how exactly do your attract the best employees on the market? How do you get them to choose your company over the dozens of others offering them jobs? And better yet, how do you get them to stay?

Employers, listen up. It’s time to take employee recruitment and retention seriously. If you want to be the best in the business, you have to have the brightest minds working for you around the clock.

Use the tips below to develop a comprehensive strategy that will attract talented workers and keep them happy for the long-term while you watch profits skyrocket.

Business people working on a project

Host Excellent Networking Events

Simply posting a job description on career sites like Indeed won’t guarantee you get the crème de le crème working for your company. Bright minds know they’re in high demand, so you have to be more strategic to get them to notice your available positions.

Begin by hosting networking events that bring together people in your industry who may be interested in a career change, or who know of someone who is. Plenty of careers are made during happy hour conversations, and it’s likely that the top talent you want is looking to connect with professionals who are on the same level. Plus, socializing with a drink in hand is much more exciting than responding to an online job posting.

Be sure to take this time to wow any prospective candidates. The right venue, the guest list, the appetizers, and the facilitation of conversation are all important aspects of creating an excellent networking event. You can even hire event management services to handle all the details for you while you chat up the room. Remember, a networking event is a great opportunity to show potential employees the perks of being in your social circle—don’t squander your chance.

Harness the Power of Social Media

The Millennial and Gen Z generations are making up a larger percentage of the workforce year after year. While these labels cover a large swath of people, there’s one thing that they all have in common: social media. In an increasingly digital world, job candidates want to see their employers have a presence on social media.

This doesn’t mean you have to post to Instagram every day. But creating content that is optimized for social media could get the attention of prospective employees who are looking for a fresh, dynamic work environment. Create recruitment videos that entice viewers to apply—you see this tactic all the time with the U.S. military—or perhaps have an active presence on Twitter. No matter which medium you choose, top talent will want to see that you’re engaged in modern social practices.

Create a Dynamic Company Culture

Once you’ve sealed the deal with an exciting new employee, the next step is to ensure they won’t want to jump ship. Emphasize during the onboarding process all the benefits the company has to offer. Whether that’s a matching 401(k), unlimited vacation days, free food every Friday, or fun team-building activities, place it at the core of your new employee training to emphasize its importance.

It’s easy for businesses to promise a dynamic culture without ever delivering on those promises. Make sure your new talent sees from the get-go that people are happy to come into work every morning and are taking advantage of all the great perks that you offer. Take advantage of benefit management software that allows everyone on your team to find all the company perk information in one place.

Dynamic company culture

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

At the end of the day, money really does make a difference. To prevent top talent from leaving for a better offer, make sure you reward growth on a regular basis. There’s nothing as frustrating for an employee as waiting for a long overdue raise, especially after consistently taking on tasks that weren’t in their job description. Show your team how much you value them by increasing salaries, giving bonuses, or offering other financial incentives for hard work.

Without a stellar team to fall back on, your business endeavors will surely fail. Hiring the top talent can be a difficult task, especially when other competitors are trying to outshine your efforts. But with a little creativity and an eye for employee retention, you’ll soon have the best of the best by your side.