Why your Business Requires a Plumbing Maintenance Plan

When you are a business owner, there is a lot to think about and a lot to ensure that you’re up to date with. Running a safe (and successful) business requires a lot of planning and work to make sure that you don’t miss anything and that you are always looking after your staff and product.

Part of running a successful business involves making sure that you have the right services in place, and that those services are running well. Plumbing is a big part of your business, thought it might not be something that’s always at the forefront of your mind. Yes, it’s these kinds of services that run silently in the background, but when something goes wrong, they are critical in resolving the problem at hand!

Senior plumber at work

Optimal plumbing requires a plumbing maintenance plan which is developed for your business and geared towards keeping your business functioning at maximum efficiency. Your plumbing needs, from mechanical plumbing through to basic plumbing, need to be provisioned.

Let’s take a look at why this is a business necessity.

1. Maintain your drains and sewers

As we mentioned before, you really don’t think about your drains, your plumbing or any of that sort of stuff until something goes wrong. Once something goes wrong though, it’s usually far too late to do anything about it – and the potential damage and flooding that can be caused by a neglected or blocked drain can go on to be a very costly affair indeed! This doesn’t even take into account the potential disruption to your business, so it pays to be on top of the potential risks with your drains and to have a system in place to prevent any possible upset from a leak.

2. Maintain your gutters and your roof

Part of a good plumbing maintenance plan will consider the roof and gutters of your property. This can go on to save you costly water damage in the event of a leak or problem with the gutters, roof or downpipes.

3. Meet regulatory requirements

You need to have your backflow prevention systems checked and tested annually as part of the legislation for the hygiene and prevention of water contamination. Part of your plumbing maintenance plan will ensure that you never miss this testing, and thus you can continue to operate your business, all the while adhering to the correct legislation.

Plumber on the job

4. Stay Safe

Your plumbing maintenance plan is going to ensure that you are regularly changing your water filter, and checking your thermostatic mixing valves (TMV) which will ensure that you have safe drinking water and appropriate water temperature. These are sometimes not done often enough which means that you are providing a sub-par level of water hygiene and not keeping up to date with TMV requirements.

5. General Maintenance

The plumbing maintenance plan is going to help you to keep up to date with general maintenance of your site and the prevention of potential general plumbing problems.

Every business relies on the smooth operation of their premises in order to be successful, and while potential disruptions are unavoidable, having a plumbing maintenance plan in place to prevent a plumbing issue from being catastrophic, can save time and money.

From a plumbing perspective, the best possible management technique is prevention, and so that’s why a plumbing maintenance plan is a must-do for any business owner who has safety and efficiency as a priority – which, let’s face it, is everyone!

I hope that this short guide about plumbing maintenance plans has been a helpful resource for you and that you put one in place for your business.