Wearing Eyeglasses Makes a Business Person Looks Smarter: Myth or Fact?

When managing a business, you would be dealing with different people, including business associates, employees and clients. Being perceived as intelligent is important as it would be easier to get their trust, since their impression would probably be you know what you’re doing and they are more likely to believe in you.

People wearing eyeglasses are stereotyped as smarter. This is not just a myth as there were studies made that prove that those who wear them are actually perceived as more intelligent.

Businessman wearing glasses working on a job

Medieval History

The reason behind why people with eyeglasses are perceived as smarter goes way back to the medieval age. Those who wore glasses during that time were among the few people whose work involved the ability to check on fine details. Doctors, office workers and teachers were among the people who would usually wear eyeglasses. Those who were working in the factory or doing field jobs didn’t need them. This perception carried on until the modern days.

The Glasses Stereotype Revisited: Effects of Glasses on Perception, Recognition and Impressions on Faces

This was a study made by scientist Helmut Leder in 2011 that was published in the Swiss Journal of Psychology. Leder studied three types of people including those who wore full-rimmed glasses, those who wore rimless glasses and those who didn’t wear any glasses.

When it comes to intelligence, those who wore eyeglasses were thought to be more intelligent. However, those who wore full-rimmed glasses were perceived as the most intelligent, although those with rimless glasses were thought to be smarter than those without glasses.

The study also showed that people who didn’t wear glasses were thought to be more likeable and attractive. Those with full-rimmed glasses were perceived to be less likeable and attractive, although those with rimless glasses didn’t do as bad as the latter on likeability and attractiveness.

That being said, if you’re considering to wear eyeglasses for business reasons, it’s best to go for a rimless glass since it would make you look intelligent and at the same time, you would still be likeable, which is also important in this field. Since studies show that attractive people are also usually more favored, you may get a style that would work look good on you. You could find different styles of eyeglasses online made by various brands. Compare their styles, features and prices and weigh your options to get the best one for you.

Colleagues wearing glasses

College of Optometrists Study

The result of this study showed that 43% of people wear glasses because they believe that they look more intelligent, while 33% of them think that they look more professional. Applicants feel more confident wearing glasses, which is why they usually do well during interviews.

Moreover, another study showed that job seekers who wear eyeglasses have higher percentage of being hired over those who do not. This is also the reason why 40% of the participants in a study made by College of Optometrists, who had perfect vision, said that they would consider wearing fake eyeglasses if this would increase their chance of landing a job. If you’re applying for any business related position like a business manager, you may also want to consider trying this, even if you have 20-20 vision. There’s nothing to lose anyway.

Ohio State University Research

Even kids seem to think that those who wear eyeglasses are smarter. In 2008, a study was made by the said university that included participants who were six to ten years old. They were shown pictures of children with eyeglasses and those without. More than 66% of them thought that those who were wearing glasses in the photos looked smarter.

Essilor of America Survey

In 2009, eyeglasses lenses maker Essilor of America conducted a survey to 3,000 participants regarding their thoughts about wearing eyeglasses. The result showed that 40% of them thought that people who wore glasses looked more intelligent. Moreover, majority of them associated eyeglasses with librarians and teachers.

University Medical Center Study

A study made by the said university in Germany was conducted on 4,600 short-sighted Germans that were aged 35 to 74. The result showed that 53% of the participants had a college degree. This percentage is considered high.

These researches and studies back the claims that wearing eyeglasses could make your look smarter. You may take advantage of this fact to get better opportunities in different areas of your business or work. As mentioned, there’s nothing to lose anyway.