4 Bad Habits of an Unsuccessful Forex Trader

What is the reason that many Forex traders fail in achieving success in this market? Though trading is not much complicated and it offers vast and immense opportunity to a Forex trader to make significant profits, very few of them get real success in this field.

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This article will tell you the things which should be avoided in Forex trading which are the main reactions and decisions of an unsuccessful Forex trader.

1. Searching for a holy grail by the Forex trader

Many Forex traders keep on searching for a magical indicator which will make them rich in a shorter period of time. There is no such indicator in Forex trading which can make the trader rich in a shorter period of time. This is because the market changes every time and the conditions keep on changing. Making money is not so easy in forex and it requires education, patience, commitment and understanding the psychology in trading.

2. Absence of proper money management

Online trading is posed to risks as the currencies always fluctuate and sometimes this fluctuation is very sharp. The possibility of turning things against you is also high and a bad trade can ruin your hard earned money.

Many traders who fail in Forex trading have failed because of the poor money management techniques. Through money management it is possible to minimize the risks as much as you can. By distributing your investments in different trades and not investing bigger portions of your money in individual trades are the signs of good money management. Therefore it is required to get the best money management techniques in place in order to avoid (unexpected) failures.

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3. Absence of adequate education

Every discipline requires proper education and training in the domain area and that makes everyone perfect in his or her area. Engineers and doctors study a lot to earn their degree and then only they are able to conduct their jobs. In foreign exchange trading also, a trader needs proper education or guidance in order to gain knowledge about trading and learn effective strategies to succeed.

Even after the trader learns Forex trading as a student, the process of learning continues till the end of his trading span. We never stop learning Forex and that is the quality of a good trader. If a trader does not learn anything then it constitutes one of the most important reasons for the failure of a trader.

4. Emotional trading

Forex trading cannot be profitable for those traders who perform emotional trading. The emotions of fear and greed can encourage you to take bad decisions without any strategic approach which is not at all recommended in trading.


As you can see from the bad habits above, it’s not hard to see whether someone (which includes you and me) is “primed” for Forex trading or not.  Making trading decision without proper knowledge and emotional stability will almost always (let’s say more than 90 percent of time) result in losses.

Learn to keep your cool and utilize what you’ve learned via various resources, including practice accounts.  Those make a world of difference, especially when it comes to trading currencies.